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[Plotting About] February 2014 / Week 3 / Weaver / Chapter 4+5

How are we still on Chapter 4?
Suffice to say Chapter One and Two were pretty much locked with some minor editing.
Chapters Three and Four have been revised after feedback from the peeps in the writing group/alpha readers.
So now it’s on to Chapter 5. This chapter or the next will be the one to link up with what I’ve already written.
The word count thus far:
The Where Weavers Daire K BAR count is:

In other news, I mentioned a bit back I went through Writer’s Digest University Class Agent One-on-One: Your First Ten Pages Boot Camp.
It was a relatively straight forward class. An included video had recommendations for following how to create a better first ten pages.
I sent in the first ten pages of Weaver and get some feedback from an agent at Talcott Notch Literary Services, LLC.
The feedback wasn’t a line by line edit but two general overviews of the good and bad. Including suggestions. The Q&A with the agents took place on Writer’s Digest Blackboard Message board and included a one year membership to an Agent finding service.
Overall, I thought it was worth it. The Blackboard linking was a little off due to having to drill down to find the link but that’s me being nitpicking of the user interface.
The feedback was good in the case of Weaver. A few points were made that the alpha group had pointed out and I forgot to change.
Would I recommend the class?
If you looking for feedback from an agent then yes.
If you’re looking for a line by line edit then no.
I came out of with a nice ego boost, the agent would like to see the first fifty pages and a synopsis once the manuscript is completed.
I know full well a request for a partial or full manuscript is just a request. It’s just nice to hear after the work I’ve put into it someone besides the alpha readers said they enjoyed it.

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