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[Plotting About] March 2014 / Week 1 / Weaver / Chapter 8

Welcome to March.
My deadline of getting Weaver done before going to Emerald City Comic-Con is approaching and so is Camp NaNoWrimo.
The good news is Chapter 8 is the link chapter between my new act one and the chapters I’ve already written. And oddly enough Act One will end around page 100ish.
The word count thus far:
The Where Weavers Daire K BAR count is:

I’m feeling good about where things are going.
I’ve gotten a few questions about what I’m working on so this will act as an informal FAQ.
For the last few years I’ve been writing in the same universe for NaNoWrimo. A mix of magic, tech, multi-generational houses made up of Immortals and mortals all taking place in a semi-walled off parts of the universe.
Three years back, I decided to write an Avengers Assemble-type of story as a starting off point. Avengers Assemble is short hand for plot consisting of a gathering of heroes to go off and fight the baddie. It takes it’s name from Marvel Comics The Avengers tagline of “Avengers Assemble!”.
The elevator pitch would be it’s Game of Thrones crossed with Firefly/Star Wars (without the prequel suck) about generations of families of Mages, Warriors and humans trying to eek out an existence on a desert planet that isn’t exactly.
I’ve roughed out a trilogy that could spin into an ongoing saga of our plucky heroes journeying out into the universe that will sooner or later reach Earth and beyond.
Check out my 2012’s blog hop post for more details.
Lastly, in cosplay news: I’m going to be cosplaying as Jayne for Emerald City Comic Con. Pictures forthcoming.

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