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Day: May 11, 2014

[Plotting About] May 2014 / Week 2 / #writing #Weaver / Chapter 10

I had one of those days at Empire Tea and Coffee where I just stared at my screen and nothing came out.
It happens to all of us. Writer’s Block. Your muse decides to up and leave you.
Happened during NaNoWrimo one year and I just hit page break and wrote something I knew.
A few nights later, the muse bonked me on the head and I threw up a 1st person POV Urban Fantasy take on the Weaver Verse set in Providence, RI.
It wasn’t the first attempt at this. I had been scurrying away ideas for a 3rd person omniscient urban fantasy / spy thriller for a while and came this close to posting a chapter on Wattpad.
But as Bennett North so eloquent put in a blog postYou cannot be a good writer without first being a terrible one. Followed up by making a good impression.
So, 8k later, the writing group said it was both fun and needed work (as all first drafts do).
I’ll be plotting it out better than Weaver.
I came back to Weaver and edited Chapters 2-9.
Shifted scenes around and in time came back to the end of Chapter Nine and feeling much better about it now.
That brings the Where Weavers Daire K BAR count is:

In other Weaver News: I kicking around the idea of a graphic novel adaption.
Going to Emerald City Comic Con got the idea rolling around that a graphic novel would be a good showcase of an artist/writer team since some of the bigs are looking for examples.
First must finish the novel then finish comic script.
Chapter Ten tomorrow…