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[Plotting About] June 2014 / Week 2 / Where Weavers Daire / Chapter 20

I spent most of yesterday plotting out the next twenty chapters of Weaver. Half of those twenty are already written and just need to be adjusted accordingly.
We’ve entered the middle third of the book that was already written before I went back to fix the first third.
I’m feeling good about the middle third.
I dropped enough foreshadowing in the first third to cover the middle.
The final third is a little squishy and needs the most help.
That brings the Where Weavers Daire K BAR count to:

My deadline is July 4th.
Camp NaNoWrimo begins in July.
My hope is to get Weaver done and work on the spin-off that the writing group liked.
It would appear neither myself or Bennett North got into the Amtrak’s Residency. Glad to see I’m good company.
Association of Rhode Island Authors is having a Meet and Greet at Warwick Public Library on August 9th.

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