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[Plotting About] Where Weavers Daire Chapters 1-3 and misc links

So with one day to go until NaNoWrimo, I’ve massaged Weaver back into some semblance of sense, all 10k words of sense.
Chapters 1-3 read better than before. Simpler while keeping some of the mystique and makes a good sampler for a graphic novel.
I’m glad I didn’t push myself to re-edit the first draft to try and get the novel printed for this weekend. My heart just wasn’t in it and the plot was all over the place.
That brings the Where Weavers Daire K BAR count to:

The Rhode Island Comic Con is this weekend. I’ll be there selling my old comic book collection. I may even bring a short box of Totems.
The plan is to dress as Jayne Cobb one day and Mal Reynolds the other day.
Some interesting writing links:
Manuscript Wishlist
25 Ways to Plot/Prep your story.
How to write a character arc in a series.
How to find your character’s breaking point.
Writing Excuses 2015 Cruise…yep, on a boat.
How to travel by cargo ship.
A la carte freighter travel.
Freighter Cruises.
Providence Ghost Tour
Photos I took during the Providence Ghost Tour

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