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Month: February 2015

[Plotting About] Feb 2015 / Week 2 / Where Weavers Daire / Chapter 8

Finding time to write can be a very hard thing to nail down. Whether it’s writing this blog post to a manuscript, time management is something many people scoff at until they find out how much time they’re actually wasting.
How do you waste time you ask? Sleep past 8 AM and by the time you drag yourself out of bed, shower, have breakfast and sit down at the computer by maybe 930 if you’re lucky and you wonder where the time went.
I’ve found once you get into a rhythm it’s generally hard to break.
I’ve been listening to the Rocking Self Publishing Podcast along with the Self publishing Podcast and several authors have the same rhythm: Get up, gym, breakfast and write.
The amount of time varied from writer to writer but the point was made: find the time even if it is just for an hour.
Now, for those you who have children or jobs, it sounds laughable. Until you start waking up at 4 or 5 am and plug away on your manuscript.
This rhythm is doable so long as you’re willing.
For most of last year, my rhythm was this: Set 3 alarms to get up by 6 AM, walk 6 miles while listening to podcasts, shower, breakfast and write by 9 AM, lunch, write, dinner and edit what I just wrote.
My rhythm has changed a bit due to work, I’m up by 6 AM, shower, breakfast and try writing by 7 after catching up on emails and out the door for work in a few hours and come home.
Now, all that may not work for you, that’s perfectly fine.
But, if you want to become a published writer and turn this “hobby” of yours into a career you will find your rhythm and make the time.
New England News
If you’re in a different part of the country you know New England has been getting a weekly blizzard since the end of January. What does this mean? It means two lane roads with parking on either side go down to one.
This makes driving down roads like Thayer St like a Death Star Trench Run and let’s not forget the sidewalks haven’t been shoveled because there’s nowhere else to put it and people are walking with traffic.
Yeh. It’s been real fun. I’m waiting for the summer days where we’ll be complaining about the triple digits heat and humidity.
So long as the snow holds off, South Attleboro Collectables Show (which hasn’t been seen since November ’14) will be on Feb 22nd. Myself and Matt G will be there selling our fine comic book wares.
Weaver update:
I’m up to Chapter 8 and I have a handle on things. My deadline is still the end of March before Emerald City Comic Con.
Originally, the title of the ongoing series was going to be A Wandering Weaver’s Tale but looking at my sketched out plans for a sequel I’ve changed it to something else that fits the location.
The Where Weavers Daire K BAR count going into 2015 is: