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Month: March 2015

[Plotting About] Writing Where Weavers Daire / March 2015 / Chapter 12

2011 write in

Four years ago…

On February 26th, 2011, myself and two other members of the recently formed Rhody Writing Group drove through the freshly snow covered streets of Providence to a two day Genre Writing Workshop at Hotel Providence.
The LJ Post regarding the event just goes to show how long my blog posts used to be.
Somewhere between the 26th and 27th I put the ass in the seat and started writing what would become Where Weavers Daire.
I remember it because I brought a half finished first chapter with me. It was full of universe building but slow on the action. Thankfully, I kept it and looking back on it now, I’ll resurrect it as a prologue on Wattpad.
I’ve decided to put up the first five chapters of Weaver up on Wattpad.

Suggested reading

Bennett North suggested Rachel Bach’s 2k to 10k novelette.
The title refers to the author’s journey to get more words out of her day.
Most writers will tell you 2k – 3k words a day is a good bar to reach.
So, upping that to 10k a word falls under writing better and faster. This is always a good thing.
She brings up a great deal of advice about pre-plotting/synopsis/beat sheet that I’ve found has helped a great deal.
The act of writing down a sentence or more of a possible scene(s) is big step forward towards a building a chapter.
Another piece of advice I’ve gotten from the various podcasts or books is never delete what you’ve written, it may come in handy later.
In Scrivener, it allows you to drag and drop chapter folders from the main manuscript to a folder that you can label Old Revisions and just drop chapters in there you don’t need.
This act saves you from going back through old documents and finding somewhere in the depths of a 600+ page first draft that one scene you’re looking for.
To give you an idea of how I’m write, I’ve been creating a Word Document for chapters and with a general idea of the chapter I write it out until the chapter is done or I hit page 15.
This has it’s pros and cons obviously. I can easily write myself into a corner or move the action away from the two protagonists without missing a beat.
The pre-plotting keeps this from happening since you know, well, you hopefully know, where the novel is going.
I’ve been reusing scenes from the first revision here and there even if I’ve been replacing character names it’s nice to be able to re-use the already written scenes without having to do a complete re-write.

Weaver Writing

The time change or the weather changing, call it whatever you want, but it feels like I’m writing more recently.
And to that end the title of the manuscript will be changing.
I’ve been working with an artist on a proof of concept of a graphic novel adaptation of the novel. Rebranding an idea before it’s taken a bow isn’t as that bad.
It’s bad when you’ve got three to four issues only to find out that a certain big name comic company has come out with a book of the same name.
An ongoing series has always been the plan and I think we’ve settled on a name that works and invokes the Indiana Jones-type of serialized adventure.
Titles whether they be for books, comics, movies or television has always been stickler for me.
I want to be imaginative and original without becoming a one word book or a book with a tongue twisting title.
If I manage to expand the series I’ve been sketching out other series names too. It can’t hurt to have a few alternatives.
If you follow me on twitter then you’ve seen me play around with fonts from local lettering company Blambot.
I haven’t posted a word count in a month and as you can see from my Excel Sheet, I haven’t been keeping track. This is something I want to start keeping track of from now on.
Screen Shot 2015-03-13 at 5.17.30 PM
My deadline of a day before ECCC still stands.
Screen Shot 2015-03-13 at 5.18.57 PM
The Where Weavers Daire K BAR count:

Close to the 50k count and I’m feeling good about where the story is going with limiting it to just the main characters.