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[Plotting About] June's Weaver update

Welcome to June. Now someone turn on the damn heat, please.
For the last half of May, I took a break from writing Weaver the manuscript to work on Weaver the graphic novel.
Since I can’t draw my way out of a wet paperback I’d reached out to a artist about a year ago to see if he’d be interested in drawing a graphic novel.
A year and one revision later, I’m still working on the manuscript and we took one look at Oni Comics opening up to new submissions and said: sure, why not.
This was a good thing to do because it made me write out a synopsis, character sheets and an overview that I hadn’t done yet. Pre-prep saves you time and effort in the long run. It may feel like a time sink but it’s better to have everything written down now then pulling your hair out later.
It also makes you realize how many characters you have on your hands and makes you rethink plot points.
A good example was one chapter I wrote and have since relegated to the revised folder started off introducing new characters that almost felt like the jumping off point for a new book.
If you watch television this is that episode where they introduce these new characters when the established characters visit this location for one episode and introduce you to characters you’ve never seen before and if the audience likes them you see a new show with them by next season. A spin-off show like Angel and every version of Law & Order/CSI/NCIS.
That being said, that chapter has been relegated to a new novel folder by itself. Sure the main characters are part of the chapter but they weren’t the focus.
The second draft isn’t like my first. It has the same first three chapters but after that it gets tighter. It has a lot less characters involved and my hope is that is slows things down enough to explain things without confusing the readers.
My new deadline is now 8/1/2015.
The Where Weavers Daire K BAR count:

My reviews of Avengers: Age of Ultron and Mad Max will posted soon.
The TL;DR version goes like this: Max and it’s two hour long soundtrack was better.

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