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[Plotting About] Where Weavers Daire: Finished.


Where Weavers Daire Update

The Where Weavers Daire K BAR count:

After 7 years and several revisions, Where Weavers Daire is done and then some! Whoops.
And here’s the ebook cover!

The cover to Where Weavers Daire by R. K. Bentley by Damonza.com
The cover to Where Weavers Daire by. R. K. Bentley

What happens next?

It’s getting edited and should be done in 2 weeks.

What happens after that?

Somewhere between then and now, the paperback cover, the Facebook ad, the bookmarks and the audio cover, all done by Damonza will be approved.
The paperback through either Ingram Spark or Createspace will go into pre-order and the ebooks will be going wide.
The audio book probably through Findaway Voices.

Release date and appearances?

The planned release date is in October just in time for North Scituate Art Festival, Jewelry City Steampunk Festival, Rhode Island Comic Con and Rhode Island Author Expo.
Yes, I have secured a table at RICC and will be there with other ARIA authors.
I’ll be at the 6th Annual RI Author Expo as well.
The other two are up in the air.
Will there be a book signing at Stillwater Books? Probably, I just need to figure out when.

What happens after all this?

From a writing standpoint: I work on something else before Bennett North gives me the evil eye and then obviously work on Book 2 since it sezs Series on the cover.
Having book 2 to be published by World Con in Dublin feels like a lovely deadline.
Having Book 3 to be published by World Con in New Zealand feels like fun.
Having Book 4 to be published by World Con in DC is doable, I think.
I’ve been working in the universe for a while with nothing to show for it because I never actually finished any of the other novels because they started off as NaNoWrimo novels.
They’re salvageable and I have an idea of where they fit in the overall story. I’m pulling a Marvel Cinematic Universe-type of plot and introducing things piece by piece.

Mailing List?

Can be found in the sidebar of this blog!

What about the comic?

While all this goes on, I need to brush off the comic book script I wrote and heavily edit it since after a certain chapter, nothing in the book or comic resemble each other.

Support the book!

In the meantime, support the book! There are always things that are needed.

eBay Auctions!

I am currently selling my comic book collection on eBay to fund the creation of the book.

Donations are also welcome!

Donations go towards creation of a book cover, ebook and paperback formatting, banners, table cloths and other things needed to sell the book.

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