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[Plotting About] When Riders Crosleigh – A Plodding Prologue

Welcome to September 2020.

For those who signed up for my mailing list I’ve been posting a few pages a month of the first chapter of the next book in the Stuk on the Hollow Series, When Riders Crosleigh.

The recent September mailer we came to an end of the prologue.

I decided to post it up on Wattpad in its entirety.

The cover is temporary and it has not been professionally edited.

The novel is a prequel so it takes place before, during and after Where Weavers Daire.

Hope you enjoy.

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  1. I got Where Weavers Daire from Bookfunnel and I’m loving it, but I’m having a hard time envisioning the necromancer cloak. How does it go from a cloak to a full spacesuit? Or doesn’t it? How is Stephen inside it? I’m confused.

    • Hello Christine, thank you for the comment. What happens is the seals on the necro cloak seals up Spence’s body from the vacuum of space. The face plate attached to the hood then seals itself to his face and provides oxygen. The plate has several layers built into it for electronic suite and breathing. I’ve attached two links of what the cloak looks like by artist Paul Way. Image 1 Image 2

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