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About RKB

Taken by M. Bentley My name is R. K. Bentley and welcome to my new blog, RKB Writes.
This will be my third incarnation of my blog, the first was a .mac blog, the second was Tales from the Cube and now RKB Writes.
The title of the blog is another reason I thought it was time for a change. It’s high time to finish one of the many drafts of a novel I’ve had lying around. Any progress reports on the manuscript will be listed as [Plotting About].
Many of the newer posts look like this [Movie Review] or [Viral Video] each are self explanatory.
A little background on myself: I’m currently living in Rhode Island, I enjoy writing, drawing, photography, Xbox 360, Macs, Red Sox and Patriots fan, traveling, comic books, movies and television. I self published a comic book with Paul Chabot entitled Totems from 1997 to 2001 and with Paul and Brenden O’Neill I wrote a web comic entitled The Legend of Lili Deacon.
In 2018, I finished my first novel entitled Where Weavers Daire, is now available as an ebook or paperback.
I am a graduate from New England Institute of Technology with an Associates Degree in Graphic, Multimedia and Web Design.
My studio website can be found: here.
Things you can expect to see on the website: Movie Trailers, great links and various posts about comics, movies, manuscript updates, NaNoWrimo updates and general news from Rhode Island.
Things you can expect not to see on the website: Mindless twitter updates. My Twitter Updates stay on Twitter and the blog posts stay on the blog.

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