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Author: R. K. Bentley

[Movie Review] Prometheus

First the good news: This movie erases the lovely movie going experience I had with Alien^3, Alien Resurrection and Aliens VS. Predator.
So, where do we begin?
We begin in 2004 where I bitched about AvP not adhering to any of the established mythos for cheap thrills. Now eight years later, Twenty Century Fox attempts to get the franchise back on track with the man who directed the first movie.
The word prequel has been bounced around a lot and while the filmmakers have poo pooed that word, this is a prequel to Alien. Straight up. Space Jockies. Xenomorphs. Fourth Act endings. Weyland Corp. Building Better Worlds
And, the movie is better for it since it fills in details that were left up in the air just beware of plot holes.

[Movie Review] Lockout

Having several sci-fi trailers such as Battleship, Prometheus and The Host before Lockout was probably not the bestest thing in the whole, wide, world to do.
Unlike the breath of fresh air that was Cabin in the Woods, Lockout is executed poorly with fancy sets, too much editing the destroys the narrative and expects us to believe by the last reel two people can safely enter the Earth’s atmosphere, ejected their space suits, pop their escape parachutes and land on an empty highway without so much as a broken leg.
Don’t worry, you’ll be happy I just ruined the movie for you, trust me.