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[SDCC] T-Minus 1 Day Ramblin'…

The #sdcc prep is almost complete.
The roller is packed. Rolled all the clothes fit on one side while the other side is empty. iPad carry on may get repacked. All electronica devices will be charged tonight. Going to leave the battery mount home this time. And any liquids are in a plastic bag.
Happy to see SDCC has posted a restaurant guide and that restaurants are including discounts for con goers. I dunno if this is a first but I have to say: Good going.
Downloaded a few podcasts from Nerdist, the Neil Gaiman and Simon Pegg casts were good enough to warrant a subscription.
A couple of links for everyone not going but want to follow along, I’ll be cross posting pictures so any pictures should show up on Twitter + FB and if I post any pictues via CNN iReport, they’ll be cross posted as well. My Flickr account will be updated with the RAW Files once I get home.
I don’t know whether I’ll get passes for next year or not. The 75% increase between last year and this year gives me enough pause to say: Is it really worth it? As much as I enjoy San Diego the town, I’ve never been to San Fran, Seattle or Phoenix which is where Wondercon, Emerald City or Phoenix Con are respectively.

[SDCC] RKB's guide to SDCC 2011…

I’m not going to repost the same information from last year, it’s over here.
There really isn’t much I can add to what everyone else has recommended.
What I can suggest is a few things I learned from last year.
First, if anyone coming in from out of town and using a DSLR Camera and have a battery mount might as well leave it either at home (to save space) or in the hotel room and just swap batteries on the go. I did the battery mount last year and my wrists and neck thanked me.
Also, dragging around my iPad last year in my Brenthaven bag was a good idea but this year I’ve gone with a Booq Bag for the iPad instead, it’s easier to cart around since last years SDCC Bags were so big.
Second, have a back up panel. This may sound familiar since everyone else is recommending it. Since the movie studio lines are going to be shorter this year that just means the television lines are going to be longer. BBC has Hall H for Doctor Who on Sunday. So be prepared to wait.
Third, if there’s panel you really want to go to then the wait in the Hall H is worth it. It may not look like the line moves but it does.
Fourth, the Fed Ex/Kinkos store at the Convention is a must. From printing out boarding passes to sending back your stuff. This includes poster tubes. And thankfully those poster tubes aren’t that expensive inside the Con. Got a sleeve and a over the shoulder plastic carrier for $15.00.
Fifth, if CNN iReport is completely worth signing up for if you take a lot of costume pictures. With the Mino HD flip cameras end-of-life it’ll be interesting to see what sort of goodies they will be giving away this year.
Sixth, remember to buy something from San Diego that isn’t comic related like a Hard Rock Cafe T-Shirt.
Seventh, if SyFy does another Cafe Diem this year inside the Hard Rock just expect to pay through the nose.
Lastly, food places I went too and enjoyed
Wolffy’s Place had some good deep dish pizza.
Kansas City BBQ is re-opened.
Cowboy Star Restaurant and Butcher Shop and has a good burger.
Fred’s Mexican Cafe is a good place for mexican.
East Village Tavern and Bowl good eats and bowling too!
Dick’s Last Restort is always a fun place to go and share a table with someone.
Reading Cinemas Gaslamp Movie Theater is nice theater to go to.

Guides from 2010/2011:

Seanne Mcguire’s Guide
Shouting into the Wind.
Planet 715
SDCC Blog: Newbie Guide Part 1, 2 and 3.

[SDCC] Less movie studios is not the end of the world…

So, the current news from the world of Comic Con is: Movie Studios will not be showing much this year at Con and Cowboys and Aliens is premiering on 7/23 at San Diego Civic Theater for a lucky 2000.
This isn’t so bad in the long run. The gawk factor is less and then hopefully so will be the lines.
I think the lack of Movie Studios at Hall H will be welcome relief for all those involved. Now, instead of having to ninja your way up to the front row for the movie panels you’ll be doing it for the television panels and probably have half the line.
I do hope the static displays continue. The giant displays are not nearly as traffic stopping inducing as the line for the celebs.
The news article reports that many companies were burned last year by the con and several examples are given. I hate to tell them but it’s not Con that’s burning them it’s the craptastic movies they put out.

[SDCC] Oh, the Nerd Prom carnage…oh the humanity!

I’ve been in the depths of Scrivener tweaking character bio sheets and adding faces to names.  I’m happy to say the application is fun to use.  Picked up lunch, came back and found #sdcc is trending on Twitter.
Decided to swing by the website site and lo and behold:

Last years post about the Nerd Prom Carnage just for Hotel Rooms can be found here.
Guessing from the twitter feed from SDCC, the website is still up and tickets are being sold properly.
It’s unfortunate this process has gotten this bad. Hopefully those who didn’t get tickets but had their hotels booked did not have airline tickets purchased.
In the end, it just means that the 2012 ticket section is going on the list of things to do first once they set it up…