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Category: Star Trek

[Movie Review] A non-spoilery/non-review of Star Trek Into Darkness

I’ve decided not to ruin Star Trek Into Darkness for you.
Instead I will point towards I09’s review with which I totally agree with.
I want you to experience this million dollar, bloated, 3rd act jumping the shark, non-3-d, glorious looking IMAX movie for yourself.
Go forth and see what we waited years for.
Then go watch Iron Man 3 and enjoy a well written character piece which is what Into Darkness should have been.
Instead we get scenes verbatim out of Wrath of Khan. Verbatim!
I have no idea why John Harrison needed a backstory.
I have no idea why John Harrison just didn’t steal Vengeance at the beginning of the movie and turn this into a true hunt for the White Whale.
Why isn’t John Harrison a truer threat to Starfleet?
I have no idea why Vengeance is twice the size as Enterprise and needs less crew members.
I have no idea why Vengeance and Enterprise in their weakened condition did not go mano a mano ala Khan because well, we’ve decided to recast a great scene from Khan and have less emotional impact.
And I have no idea why Chekov never saw John Harrison. Yes, I get the Khan injoke between Khan recognizing Chekov.
I would love to know how this screenplay turned into fan fiction because that’s what this movie is
I stand by my thoughts from Wednesday night: The sauce was tasty but the goose was overcooked.