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Category: Graphic Design

[Geekdom] Apple IIC, IIE and IIGS represent…

Well, I can tell you where I was when I found out Steve Jobs news went out.
Driving home from a quick jam session to hash out details of student film I’m helping to write, both of us with Apple products at the table at Panera.
I was introduced to Apple in Junior High School with an Apple IIE and IIC and graduated to High School with an Apple IIGS. Appleworks being my bread and butter for a long time, so many bad self insertion novels so little time.
And even managed to make it to a Applefest where I saw Richard Garriott aka Lord British.
Say what you will about the prices of Apple’s products, the man and his vision will be missed.

18 months later…

Let’s see, oil spill in Gulf of Mexico, water pipeline problems in Boston, Time Square pipebomb fizzles, GI Joe Convention, Cox Road Race, United and Continental to merge and NEIT’s Commencement for The Class of 2010.
It’s been a busy week and May is just beginning.
I had fun at the Commencement, reminded me of the end of Star Wars. This time though, I did not have to run back and forth between the orchestra pit and the line of graduates.
The entire family made it which was great. Al Roker was a fun speaker and it only took 2.5 hours from start to finish. Projo hopefully will print the picture of one of the Graphic Design guys with a GI Joe action figure handing from his tassel. Here’s a shot of him from the iPhone.
The event that was Thunderdome getting out of the Convention Center Parking Lot was another story entirely. Shades of LOTR lines during Thanksgiving Week come to mind. Thankfully, we never have to do it again.
Or, at least until NEIT pulls a Bachelor of Graphic Design out of thin air.