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Free Comic Book Day tomorrow…

(originally posted on Projo Art’s Blog and x-posted/updated w/ links)
May 1 is National Free Comic Book Day.
That means you can get a free comic book at a participating comic book store during regular business hours.
Choices include: Toy Story and Shrek, Iron Man and Superman, and one about Lady Gaga.
Local participating stores are:
Rah-Coco‘s, 152 West Park St., Providence, RI
The Time Capsule: 537 Pontiac Ave., Cranston, RI and 1732 Fall River Ave., Seekonk, MA.
For more, visit

Rainpocalypse 2010…

To give everyone an update on Casa de Bentley:
Pumps have been going 24hrs and the water level hasn’t gone anywhere. The rain has stopped and judging from the walk around this morning the ground is drying out.
Warwick’s Sewage Treatment Plant was shut down around 2pm on Tuesday. Surprising still had dinner at Dave’s Bar and Grill last night.
Judging from the sightseeing photos popping up on Facebook, Twitter, Turnto10 and I’m not missing anything while staying home from work. The lists of road closing and part of 95 N/S would have been made impossible to get to work.
And, to think I was supposed to start telecommuting to work tomorrow.
The war stories standing in line for the iPad should be interestng…

October of '05…

In October of ’05 was an interesting month.
The weather opened up and the flood conditions were rampant.
Mopping out the apartment for nearly twenty-four hours, the water level outside had about a half inch more and it would have been coming through the front door.
So, one move and four years later, lo and behold I come down into the basement and its kiddy pool. I have fond memories of walking around the basement clad in bread bag galoshes a decade or more before.
The basement is dry now.
The weather forecasted is not.

News from Rhode Island Film & Television Office…

To The Film Community and Friends of the Film Community,
As many of you are aware, the Governor’s recent budget proposes to completely eliminate the Rhode Island Motion Picture Tax Incentive program.
There will be a House Finance Committee Hearing to discuss this proposal at 1PM on WED. 2/24/10 in Room 35 of the State House. This will probably be the only opportunity to share your views.
If you feel the elimination of the Motion Picture Tax Incentive will have an impact on you, your business and/or family, you should attend this hearing to have your voice heard.
Steven Feinberg
Steven Feinberg
Executive Director
Rhode Island Film & Television Office

Snowpocalypse 2010…

The car is gassed up. Boots ready. House on the list to be plowed out.
Now we wait to see if NEIT decides to cancel classes tomorrow night.
I think DC can be renamed Hoth until further notice.
I suddenly foresee many people finishing Bioshock 2 by the weekend. And, yes, it’s just as addictive as the first one. One reviewer stated this game was in no need of a sequel but for the most part it’s nice to actually see Rapture again. Dual wielding plasmid in one hand and weapon in the other is perfect.