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[Doctor Who Review] Day of the Moon

This is kicking the Romans out of Rome.”
That’s all I got for this episode.
A few great scenes with characters, a few good set pieces and a few: WTF moments at Amy Pond’s life. And, the last ten seconds was: WTFOMGBBQ
But, let’s go back to the beginning: When we last left our heroes they were in a warehouse looking for the girl who called President Nixon.

[Doctor Who Review] The Impossible Astronaut

Don’t worry, I’m sending my best people.”
I’ve often complained about Doctor Who taking itself too far to the edge of being “a kiddy show”, a ridiculous body count and deus ex machina type endings but Season 5 started to pull itself out of that with two parter with the Silurians and ending with the Pandorica Opens and The Big Bang. Several long running plot threads began to take the forefront: River Song’s past and future with the Doctor being one of them along with the fact the Doctor bouncing around time and space like a ping pong ball.
The Impossible Astronaut continues to play with themes Steven Moffat toyed with in the Doctor-lite episode of Season Three called “Blink.” Where the Doctor on several easter egg DVDs helped two people get his TARDIS back from the now infamous Weeping Angels. Moffat doesn’t repeat himself and so we have several scenes you would think would never see. And that’s what makes this episode shine, the first ten minutes filmed Utah are gorgeous, breathtaking and a suckerpunch to the gut.

Review of Showtime's Episodes

The ant-Entourage is what comes to mind after watching the first two episodes of Showtime’s Episodes. And, it comes with Matt LeBlanc, too!
The plot: A husband and wife writer team from a hit UK show are brought over to the Hollywood to watch their baby get the American treatment.
Considering how many shows from the UK are imported and changed this could prove to be great accident waiting to happen since by the first episode one of the head characters is being changed from Mister Dursley-type to Joey.
These types of behind the scenes shows of faux Hollywood usually only work if you have someone to root for. Entourage started off well then Vince and the Crew always seems to come out on top somehow and then turned into a farce.
So far, Tamsin Greig and Stephen Mangan as The Lincolns are likable and British. Matt LeBlanc comes off well as himself. While some of the locations may remind you of Entourage, like the palace the Lincolns get to stay in they actually explain why which was a nice bit.
The rest of the cast so far are cardboard cut outs, the studio exec w/ the blind wife who has been sleeping with one of his assistants and the Gate Guard (not named Carlton) that constantly forgets who the Lincolns are.
Overall, it was an interesting two episode, hopefully the pace will pick up a bit and the characters will be fleshed out more…

Primeval's new season…

When Primeval ended in 2009 it looked like it was going to be forever. Three of the main characters of Abby, Connor and Danny were trapped in the past and the show was canceled.
But, it was resurrected and now is currently on BBC America Supernatural Saturday Nights.
Someone on Facebook asked how it compares to other BBC imports like Doctor Who or Torchwood.
Primeval is what would happen if there was a British version of Jurassic Park. The CGI is well done, the actors sight lines match up, the acting is pretty good and thankfully there’s no screaming children.

Being Human Season 1+2…

With Being Human Season 1 showing on local PBS Stations and now Season 2 appearing on BBC America if Twilight, True Blood and Vampire Diaries isn’t your thing than I’d recommend Being Human if you’re looking to see a Werewolf, a Vampire and a Ghost under one roof in London.
While it could have been a great companion to Demons the team up never materialized.
Season One consisted of six episodes run was a breath of fresh air last season. The non-CGI Werewolf and the Rick Baker transformation sequences really cemented for me. The shortage of episodes does not knee cap this series by any means. It means the season arcs will be shorter. And, sometimes short arcs are better than long ones.
While Season One had the whole Vampire Uprising, Season Two is so far about the fallout and discovery.
Thankfully, fallout and discovery is better than the typical “Humans bad! We rise above them! Rah Rah!” plot.

Doctor Who: The Big Bang Review…

I will keep this light due to spoilers.
Suffice to say The Big Bang was fun. It was cute. It was sad and it had the Doctor saving everyone while sacrificing himself.
There was not a big ole battle or every single villain showing up to kill or exterminate everyone. The results from last weeks “universe collapsing!” is seen and not felt which would have been nice to see the villains phase out of time but I’m guessing the beleaguered SFX budget couldn’t take much more Capt’n.
Instead, it was a quiet finale with the Universe at stake and it did not try to be anything different.
I do hope the budget for the SFX gets a shot in the arm for next season.
Christmas cannot come fast ’nuff…