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[Doctor Who] Closing Time

I hate that face! I’ve had nightmares about that face!
Good ole Craig! It’s Doctor Who’s version of Hurley!
So with one episode to go until the big finish and since they’re filming the Christmas Episode even as we speak, I have to say this entire Melody Pond being brainwashed to kill the Doctor was originally a great idea.
Unfortunately, something happened in the office’s of the Beeb and someone said (I can only assume): Ya know wot, how is that gonna work exactly?
Getting past that whole mess of Melody Pond, the Silence and killing the Doc, let’s get back to the episode at hand: Cybermen stalking people in a Department Store! Complete with Cybermat!

[Doctor Who Review] The Girl Who Waited

This is a kindness.”
Science Fiction Television shows always have that one episode, Star Trek had Yesterdays Enterprise, the Mirror Universe(s) episodes, Stargate(s) had them, that one episode where an alt.reality version of the main character meets the main cast and for the rest of the show you either hate it or enjoy it.
The Girl Who Waited was enjoyable because it comes back to the main thing with the Doctor’s Companions: What happens once he leaves them? Or, they leave him. And, so on. While School Reunion brought the Doctor and Sarah Jane together, this time Rory fails to save Amy in time.

[Doctor Who Review] The Almost People

Reverse the polarity of the jelly baby.”
Overall, it was a good ending for a two parter. People were saved, people died. Multiple Doctors with multiple voice overs.
Oh, and that ending. Yeah, about that. It’s nice to see villains are willing to go to any lengths to get what they want. That’s what makes them good villains.
Since BBC did not show the previews for next week and since anyone in the USA cannot see the mini eps before next week:

Mini Episode: