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[Doctor Who Review] Day of the Moon

This is kicking the Romans out of Rome.”
That’s all I got for this episode.
A few great scenes with characters, a few good set pieces and a few: WTF moments at Amy Pond’s life. And, the last ten seconds was: WTFOMGBBQ
But, let’s go back to the beginning: When we last left our heroes they were in a warehouse looking for the girl who called President Nixon.

[Doctor Who Review] The Impossible Astronaut

Don’t worry, I’m sending my best people.”
I’ve often complained about Doctor Who taking itself too far to the edge of being “a kiddy show”, a ridiculous body count and deus ex machina type endings but Season 5 started to pull itself out of that with two parter with the Silurians and ending with the Pandorica Opens and The Big Bang. Several long running plot threads began to take the forefront: River Song’s past and future with the Doctor being one of them along with the fact the Doctor bouncing around time and space like a ping pong ball.
The Impossible Astronaut continues to play with themes Steven Moffat toyed with in the Doctor-lite episode of Season Three called “Blink.” Where the Doctor on several easter egg DVDs helped two people get his TARDIS back from the now infamous Weeping Angels. Moffat doesn’t repeat himself and so we have several scenes you would think would never see. And that’s what makes this episode shine, the first ten minutes filmed Utah are gorgeous, breathtaking and a suckerpunch to the gut.

[Doctor Who] Six years later and Doctor Who premiers in the US on the same day as the Beeb…

Yeh, that’s a subject line I thought I’d never write. And, it’s a wonderful news none the less. Like last year’s Christmas Episode, Season 6 drops the same day in the USA and the UK.
Doctor Who, Series (season) Six premiers tomorrow night on BBC America and judging from the TV Guide, last season will be run from beginning to end at 6am. The lastest Christmas Special included as well.
I have to say after starting out on Sci-Fi and then jumping to BBC America has done the show some good. Last years trip to NYC was repeated and the Doctor Who Panel at Wondercon sounded like everyone had a blast.
Wonder when the cast will show up on The Today Show? Figure next year? Or maybe a Doctor Who prop tour? SDCC panel?