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[#nanowrimo] 1 week to go and October Metrics…

One week to go until NaNoWrimo starts or as some authors like to call it: Welcome to what I do all the time.
Here’s some links for the Rhode Island Wrimos:
Google +
LJ Community
NaNoWrimo Bulletin Board.
The good news is we have several places confirmed and I don’t foresee having a Write In overload like we did 2 years ago.
Weaver Novel Update:
Almost. There.
Three to four chapters to go. The plan was to be done by now but no such luck.
The Where Weavers Daire K BAR count is:

The 130k word count ceiling is temporary.
I think I’ll try my hand at a short story. I’m going to follow Lindsay’s lead and send to Clarion Workshop (just in time for SDCC) or Viable Paradise.
Rhody Writing Group Update:
With NaNoWrimo closing in we finished our last meet up for 2013 and had a good time. We’ll be entering our third year in 2014 and I’m happy to see the group is gaining members.

[#nanowrimo] 29 Days until NaNoWrimo…

It’s that time for year again. The time of year literary agents dread: NaNoWrimo is in a month.
The website has been rebooted and this year’s theme is: 8-Bit gaming!
What’s 8-Bit gaming? Go ask your parents.
I’m happy to say we survived the 8-Bit + 16-Bits Wars so you could live in a world where three consoles was the norm. Ya know, before it became retro cool, again.
A few recommendations about NaNoWrimo: click here.
This year I’m going to work on the Weaver sequel. Which means it’s time to start planning it out.
Yep, no more pantsing for me. Planning all the way. Scrivener has been a help. I’ve been using the synopsis window to get through scenes in the work in progress.
Screen Shot 2013-10-03 at 3.06.48 PM
Now I just need to finish the work in progress…

[Plotting About] September's Metrics or Cresting 100k or NaNoWrimo is one and half months away…

Yeh, I need to start making my own You Should be Writing icons. Thanks to Tumblr for the above image and several more.
A quick local shout out to Jen Butler Basile’s Chopping Potatoes and Bennett North’s blog.
Both blogs are fun to read with Jen’s covering motherhood with fun pictures and Bennett’s posts on ranging from movie reviews to ongoing SF&F and geek politics.
Novel Update:
The Where Weavers Daire K BAR count is:

After my last update, I went back and took an entire chapter out because it broke with my stay with one of the protagonist for three chapters plan and got rid of two chapters because they went in the wrong direction.
The goods news is scenes from three of those chapters are savable and shuffled.
And then I found out my first nine chapters had been formatted with 1.5 spacing and not double as the other chapters were. My 14-15 page max rule for chapters kinda went out the window but that’s what editing is there for.
Formatting may be as boring as all get out but I like to get it down before I start writing. This is why I created a template in Word to cover all the margins, spacing and indenting without using the tab key.
Cresting the 100k hill felt good even if I had bounced back and forth over the line by adding/subtracting chapters to get to where I am now. I can see the end which I already wrote so it’s just the knock down drag out fight between Spencer and the villain.
I also raised the cut off ceiling to 120k. The agents at the panel I went to at SDCC said don’t worry about the word count and just write it. Half of that advice was already echoed by the writing group.
NaNoWrimo Update:
With 2.5 months to go before NaNoWrimo, I decided not to re-up for municipal liaison duties.
As much as I enjoy trying to coordinate I don’t know what I’ll be doing in November and I’d rather commit than quit a week before hand. My plans are to plot out Book Two of Weaver before going into November and be done with Book One of Weaver by the end of September.
Convention Update:
Yeh, the SDCC pictures aren’t getting tweaked until the novel is finished. I have a list of people I bought stuff from that I want to pass on. That’ll be in the future post.
Emerald City Comic Con tickets have gone up sale. In line with prices from last year, if no one has been to Seattle it’s a great con to go to. Nice people. Good amount of venders and the guests they have lined up is growing.
They’ve extended the con to all of Friday and will be mailing out badges this year. That sound you heard was everyone who stood in line for two hours this year breathing a sigh of relief.
They haven’t taken the extra step of incorporating RFID into the badges like NYCC has but one can assume that’s on the horizon.
New Television Season:
I’ll post some television ramblin’ later since the new season starts next week…

[Plotting About] April's Metrics…

So with April coming to a close time to look at the metrics.
The Where Weavers Daire K BAR count is:

Judging from my monthly posts I appear to be doing roughly 10k words a month. I’ve only been on this new schedule for three months so I think it’s time to write faster and awesomer. (Yes, awesomer is word. Yes I’m ignoring spell check out of blatant curiosity why do you ask?)
Overall I’m happy with where the story is going. I’ve gotten to a point where Spencer and Melinda’s stories should be intertwining themselves shortly. The constant back and forth that has been going on will be one story until the end.
The target of 110000 is just a target. I don’t foresee it going over 110000 so if I get under the goal it’ll be fine.
My hope was to get it done by the end of this month but obviously that’s not going to happen so I’m pushing my deadline to the end of next month.

[Plotting About] December's Metrics

So with NaNoWrimo in the rear view, training at work complete and Gotham Writing Course SF&F II winding down it’s time to take a look and see where I stand.
NaNoWrimo helped a bit with moving the current work in progress along, I managed to flesh out a few Melinda Chapters from last year and almost done getting her and Spencer in the same place. The original idea had been to rotate chapters between Spencer and Melinda, even and odd but I’m finding spending three chapters on one character and three on the other seems to be working out better.
2013 will mark the third year I’ve been working on this and I plan to get it done in the next few months.
In the meantime, I’ve been gobbling up Hugh Howie‘s Wool series in between critiquing the works from SF&F II Class and tweaking things with the Rhody Writers Group.
My hope is these tweaks will invite more people to contribute without having to drive so much.
The WIP K BAR count is:

First is a required minimum of works before a physical meet up is scheduled
Second is using Google Drive as a on-line resource to comment on critiques.
On the movie front: Skyfall gets an A from me. Hobbit gets a B.
On the 2013 front: Going out to Seattle to Emerald City Con and to see my brother since he moved out there and bought a house.
And, sometime in June looking at going down to New Orleans to take some photos while Montilee Stormer directs her first short film.
After Earth, Man of Steel, Pacific Rim, Warm Bodies and Star Trek: Into Darkness and Oblivion are on the list for next year.

[NaNoWrimo] A metric check in…

Looks like 2012 is going to mirror 2008 with the paltry metric score.
This post from last year will show you how much I was ahead.
The NaNoWrimo Death Bar count is:

I can’t blame it on much except my heart just wasn’t in it this year.
At least at the Write Ins I’m getting some word count in. I can happily report that Woonsocket and Newport Libraries have nice meeting rooms and if we ever get more people asking for write ins in those areas I can point them in the right direction.
So far, the write ins in Providence and URI seem to be the most well attended.
I’ve took my own advice and hit page break and went back to the current work in progress and shifted a few chapters around so Spencer and Melinda (the book’s two protags) get some equal time.
I think it works since one chapter ends on a cliffhanger for Spencer and the next chapter picks up the Melinda storyline better.
The WIP Death Bar count is:

One more chapter for Mindy then it’s back to Spencer and soon they’ll meet up and fight the evil.

[NaNoWrimo] Cricket Erotica*…

Alternate titles for this post were:
Bacon is the sex of meat.
Fifty Shades of Green.
* Sentences overheard during our NaNoWrimo Google + Meet Up.
So far I’ve started off slow since I not working on my current wip but a new idea I worked on during the SF+F 1 Gotham Writing Course.
The NaNoWrimo Death Bar count is:

Currently ensconced at the Newport Public Library in their Rotary Room. Hopefully more words will arrive.

[NaNoWrimo] T-Minus 1 Day…

So with Hurricane Sandy now gone, things can get back to normal, maybe.
New York, New Jersey and Southern Rhode Island was struck the most by the storm. Houses went into the sea, restaurants damaged and subways under water. Entire neighborhoods went up in flames, parts of the power grid in NYC went down, front end of buildings dropped, cars floated down the road and six inches of sand now cover much of the costal roads in Jersey.
It was 2012 without Jack Gyllenhaal and the spaceships.
Thankfully my neck of the woods did not get hit, tree limbs are down here and there but nothing like Newport, Charlestown or Wakefield.
Last year’s storm hit NYC and people thought it was once a century storm and now used pumps from the Panama Canal are trying to pump out the subways.
I look at the Hurricane Barrier at Providence, just spitting distance from my brother’s old apartment and wonder if the same type of technology installed in the 60’s can help out Jersey and York.
If anyone was thinking of doing a disaster movie novel set in NYC just start mainlining the 24/7 new channels now, even if they do repeat footage it’s still a sight to see what happens to a major metropolitan city when mother nature drops a late storm on your door step for the 2nd year in a row to the date.
I’ve been waiting for Tobias Buckell to weight in all this but he may not have power.
Oh, and let’s not forget that Disney bought Lucas Film for 4 billion dollars. Insert your own Dr. Evil finger to the mouth if you wish.
I think the only geek thing Disney has to buy is the BBC and they’ll would have cornered the market.
In other news, Halloween is soon upon us, it means only one thing: NaNoWrimo in 1 more day!

I’ll be putting the work in progress on hold to work on one of two ideas I worked on during the Gotham Writing Workshop Classes: Either the one about zombies in space or how does one handle becoming a god among men. Each idea tickles my fancy.
I recommend getting that dropbox account now to back yer stuff up. Trust me. You’ll be thanking me later.
Last thing: Rhode Island Comic Con this weekend. With NYC out of commission should be interesting to see how many people show up. The subways are one thing getting the planes back into position is another…

[NaNoWrimo] Rhode Island Write In location post…

NaNoWrimo just 3 days away time to post the locations of the Write Ins for this year.
All of the write ins can be found on the Google Calendar.
Sundays – With the exception of the 11/11, the write ins will be at Providence Athenaenum Library from 1:15pm – 4:15pm in the Art Room.
On 11/11 the Write In will be in Cranston at Panera from 7pm – 9pm.
Mondays – 11/5 will be at Panera in Cranston. 11/19 + 1/26 will be at Woonsocket Library from 530pm-845pm
Tuesdays – Warwick Write Ins will be TBD on 11/13, 11/20, 11/27.
Wednesdays – South County Write Ins at Brewed Awakenings. 6pm – 9pm.
Thursdays – Empty.
Fridays – Google + Hangout at the Rhody Wrimos Google + Page from 7pm – 10pm.
Saturdays – A write in on 11/10/12 will be Providence Anthaenum Library from 10am – 2pm. Newport Library for every Saturday from 2pm – 545pm.