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Being Human Season 1+2…

With Being Human Season 1 showing on local PBS Stations and now Season 2 appearing on BBC America if Twilight, True Blood and Vampire Diaries isn’t your thing than I’d recommend Being Human if you’re looking to see a Werewolf, a Vampire and a Ghost under one roof in London.
While it could have been a great companion to Demons the team up never materialized.
Season One consisted of six episodes run was a breath of fresh air last season. The non-CGI Werewolf and the Rick Baker transformation sequences really cemented for me. The shortage of episodes does not knee cap this series by any means. It means the season arcs will be shorter. And, sometimes short arcs are better than long ones.
While Season One had the whole Vampire Uprising, Season Two is so far about the fallout and discovery.
Thankfully, fallout and discovery is better than the typical “Humans bad! We rise above them! Rah Rah!” plot.