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Tag: bsg: blood and chrome

[BSG VIDEO] BSG:Blood and Chrome: Parts 1 and 2…

My background knowledge is fairly light when it come to William Adama’s backstory and after nearly 3 years of a vacuum (I’m not counting the misstep of Caprica), I could care less if Blood and Chrome doesn’t adhere to cannon.
I just wanna see Battlestars, Toasters and Classic Cylons and Blood and Chrome does all that.
Thank you SyFy for not picking it up and then releasing it only to see if it does well.
There’s a good reason why I only watch the channel now for Warehouse 13, Lost Girl and Continuum/Primeval (when they arrive)…..oh right.
That’s it.
Anyway, here’s the first two parts, as they drop I’ll post’em…
Part 1:

Part 2: