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[Viral Video] Save Greendale

Community has been one of the better new shows on NBC in the last few years.
I’d be shaking my fist at CBS for moving Big Bang Theory to Thursday Nights if I actually watched Big Bang Theory but the characters drive me up a wall. Instead I’m shaking my fist at the eroding ratings due to both shows going to head to head with each other since NBC hasn’t canceled Whitney and instead gave it a full season.
So, with the mid season here, NBC said Community be returning it sometime in 2012 here’s a lovely video to tide us over until sometime in 2012.

Paintball and Community…

One of the funnier shows that premiered this season was Community on NBC.
Community is set in a Community College where a study hall group consisting of Joel Hale (Talk Soup), Chevy Chase and several others make for some funny show. Several guest stars have appeared over the weeks either students or teachers and of course Senior Chang, the Spanish Teacher played by The Hangover’s Ken Jeong.
Two weeks back there was an episode that was straight out of Goodfellas (running commentary and freeze frames) and last weeks with it’s Animal House style ending.
Tonight’s episode looks to be a blast: