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[Movie Review] The Lone Ranger

This will be a short review since Native Appropriations Review covers most of my review for me along with all the other reviews you’ve read.
What a waste of two hours and half. Not a waste of air conditioning though.
This will not be a waste of Paulie C’s WTF did I just watch movie award.
What a waste of Johnny Depp and Armie Hammer. Here’s hoping the Man from U.N.C.L.E. is better.
Visually great. The first act set it all up, middle act was too bloated and could have easily cut a large set piece out and the finale was worth it.
Do not bring the kids to this “PG-13” film.

[Movie Review] World War Z

World War Z and The Zombie Survivor Guide written by Max Brooks, son of Mel Brooks was the highlight of NaNoWrimo one year since so many of us were doing zombie novels.
It is by no means your standard zombie novel since most of the book is told in flashback. So it’s understandable that when the movie is made it will take some liberties. Let’s be honest we all know “adapted from” can go one of three ways: Harry Potter Books 1+2 level of detail to switching the ending in Jaws to make it better or to World War Z where, well, look at the graph below:
(Image courtesy of The Oatmeal via Blastr)

[Movie Review] A non-spoilery/non-review of Star Trek Into Darkness

I’ve decided not to ruin Star Trek Into Darkness for you.
Instead I will point towards I09’s review with which I totally agree with.
I want you to experience this million dollar, bloated, 3rd act jumping the shark, non-3-d, glorious looking IMAX movie for yourself.
Go forth and see what we waited years for.
Then go watch Iron Man 3 and enjoy a well written character piece which is what Into Darkness should have been.
Instead we get scenes verbatim out of Wrath of Khan. Verbatim!
I have no idea why John Harrison needed a backstory.
I have no idea why John Harrison just didn’t steal Vengeance at the beginning of the movie and turn this into a true hunt for the White Whale.
Why isn’t John Harrison a truer threat to Starfleet?
I have no idea why Vengeance is twice the size as Enterprise and needs less crew members.
I have no idea why Vengeance and Enterprise in their weakened condition did not go mano a mano ala Khan because well, we’ve decided to recast a great scene from Khan and have less emotional impact.
And I have no idea why Chekov never saw John Harrison. Yes, I get the Khan injoke between Khan recognizing Chekov.
I would love to know how this screenplay turned into fan fiction because that’s what this movie is
I stand by my thoughts from Wednesday night: The sauce was tasty but the goose was overcooked.

[Movie Review] Evil Dead (2013)

Swallow your soul.”
The good news is I don’t need to invoke the Paulie C WTF did I just watch-sticker for Evil Dead (2013).
Having seen Evil Dead 1, 2 and Army of Darkness on DVD I count myself as a causal deadite fan. I enjoyed the first two movies more than the third. The horror aspects of #1 win out over the comedy of the second and the third.
It’s no surprise Evil Dead came back. Let’s be honest if Freddy, Jason and Michael Meyers have been bouncing around for a while why can’t we go back to Evil Dead since it worked out so well for Cabin in the Woods?