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Tag: Movie Trailers

[Movie Trailer] The Martian

Based on the novel of the same name, the novel begins thusly:
“I’m pretty much fucked.”
Excerpt From: Andy Weir. “The Martian.” iBooks.
Writers, take note, this is how to begin a novel.
And the trailer has arrived! Staring Matt Damon, Jessica Chastain, Kristen Wiig, Kate Mara, Michael Peña, Jeff Daniels, Chiwetel Ejiofor, and Donald Glover directed by Ridley Scott.
I’m happy to see Ridley Scott directing Sci-Fi again. I’m happy to see anyone directing good sci-fi like Interstellar. I would be remiss in saying I am reminded of Mission to Mars and Red Planet both came out in 2000. Both films I enjoyed on their own merits even if they didn’t stick the landing.
Ridley Scott’s Prometheus may have been an over baked turd but the set designs and the SFX were worth ignoring the plot holes you could Tokyo drift a Star Destroyer through.
And the book is a pretty good read as well.

[Movie Trailer] Prometheus

So the week of blockbuster trailers is at an end and Prometheus while half the length of The Hobbit and certainly less dialogue manages to get across enough information that i09 has up a frame by frame post in case you missed anything.

Having endured Alien^3, Alien Resurrection and AVP 1 in the theaters(after the giant T-Rex scene across the ice, I said enough was enough and rented AVP 2), I honestly hope this film puts the franchise back on course, after the jumping the tracks with Alien^3 the series as a whole has been steadily going downhill to the point where they couldn’t even do Aliens in a Small Town USA correctly in AVP 2.
And, just for those who missed the original Alien trailer in ’79:

[Movie Trailers] The Cabin in the Woods Trailer

Let’s all say it Whedonites: Fraking. Finally.
The Cabin in the Woods were written/produced by enough Mutant Enemy peeps that looking back on it, the movie’s release date was probably in jeopardy before the first scene was shot.
I have to say, after reading the script, it was gonna be a fun movie.
Course, I read the script in and around ’09/’10 and the movie has just now been given a hall pass to leave Development Hell.

Yeh, this sums it up. Not mine, btw.

The Trailer dropped today after the poster dropped over the weekend.

[Viral Videos] Wednesday Edition…

The first is music video called Roll a D6. you should watch this.

Roll a D6 from Connor Anderson on Vimeo.

Paul C should be here to see this new Conan Trailer, unfortunately, he is not. Being a fan of the books he was not a fan of Arnie and always felt Conan should have been a goon. I think Jason Momoa (formerly of SG:A, currently in HBO’s Game of Thrones) fits the bill.

New Green Lantern Trailer:

So with this season of Community coming to a close and a 2 part episode of paintball soon to grace our screens, a video entitled 500 Days of Britta:

As much as I hate the Star Wars Prequels, this lego prequel video is funny and fast:

X-Men: First Class US/International Trailers…

Thanks to Ain’t It Cool News for posting a link to the X-Men: First Class International Trailer.
I’ve made mention in the past that many times the International Trailers differ a great deal from their US counterparts. This trailer really does give me hope that maybe this film won’t suck. A few mutants appear to be new while a few are missing but I guess Bobby Drake aka Iceman is holding out for a spin off?
Overall, if this is the reboot the X-Men Franchise needs than so be it, X-Men 1 and most of 2 were good movies while X3 and Wolverine were easily forgettable which is unfortunate but I guess every movie franchise has to have their own Temple of Doom/Alien 3/Terminator 3.
I’d post the Transformers 3 trailer that dropped today but I was more impressed with the trailers for 1+2 than 3. 3 is still on Earth. Why is 3 still on Earth? Why not Cybertron? Why not greenscreen it like 300? Why not something new?
US Trailer

UK Trailer