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Tag: Movie Trailers

A fairly bold Expendables trailer with no new footage…

Scott Pilgrim, The Expandables and Eat, Pray, Love face off on August 13th. I think the only thing the 13th is missing is a Machant Ivory Picture, a Swords and Sandals Epic or a CGI Kiddy Flick. (No, Megamind doesn’t come out until November, I checked.)
The trailer below really doesn’t have much in the way of new footage but reminds me of another time when two total opposite movies with their demographics arrived, Star Wars Ep 1 and Message in a Bottle.

Harry Potter and The Deathly Hollows Part 1 Trailer…

I’m too young to remember movies having an intermission.
Personally, if Lawrence of Arabia could have an intermission than so can most epic films these days.
After catching HBP in HD on HBO, I think David Yates did a good job. After the stumble that was OOTP, I’d written off the Potter films and stayed with the books.
Oh, John Williams you are sorely missed.

RED Trailer….

Yeh, “adapted” from Warren Ellis‘s book of the same name. He’s mentioned it more than once in his blog. But…
Helen Mirren with Sub/Light Machine/Sniper Rifles.
The rest of Willis, Malkovich, Freeman, Parker and Urban is just icing of glee.

Scott Pilgrim UK Trailer…

Yeh. Another one.
And, yes, I enjoy watching/posting trailers.
Except, I like this one more than the other 2 US Trailers. I’ve always found it fun to see how different companies handle trailers. Many times the US Trailers are ok while the UK Trailers are better.