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[#sdcc] T-Minus 7 Days…

The lead up to Comic Con begins with the mad rush for tickets. This sounds really easy but it’s become more like getting Red Sox tickets. The hotel reservations is ten times worse and looking at places on VRBO is easier. Then reselling unused tickets which ends with the scheduling being dolled out two weeks before the con.
Over the years the convention website has gotten considerably more detailed and easier to use. They even started allowing pre-ordering of t-shirts so no more lines like the ones I complained about in 2011. The introduction of My Schedule through sched.com is one of the better additions to the con. No more dogeared newspaper pages looking for panels! It’s all at your finger tips on your tablet or smart phone!
Unfortunately, that’s if the SDCC Comic-Con and the SDCC Comic-Con Sched App were updated. In this day and age you live and die by the app. Neither of which have been updated in a dog’s age. Something I hope was just overlooked but with a week to go it’s looking like we won’t be seeing a proper working SDCC App with sched.com integration until 2014.
And then there’s the giant elephant in the room that Emerald City Comic Con is streaming their panels through FlipOn
Stream it and they will pay.
So let’s take a look at things going on after the cut.

[Movie Review] Evil Dead (2013)

Swallow your soul.”
The good news is I don’t need to invoke the Paulie C WTF did I just watch-sticker for Evil Dead (2013).
Having seen Evil Dead 1, 2 and Army of Darkness on DVD I count myself as a causal deadite fan. I enjoyed the first two movies more than the third. The horror aspects of #1 win out over the comedy of the second and the third.
It’s no surprise Evil Dead came back. Let’s be honest if Freddy, Jason and Michael Meyers have been bouncing around for a while why can’t we go back to Evil Dead since it worked out so well for Cabin in the Woods?

Tron Legacy: Review w/ Spoilers…

It’s all in the wrist.”
Tron was to the ’80s what Matrix was to the ’90s/’00s.
Thankfully, Legacy is prettier than Matrix Reloaded and decides to dip it’s toe into the philosophy kiddy pool without drowning it in. It’s style is what sells it. Gone are the outfits, the boots and the helmets with the day glow lines and instead it’s black and white outfits for everyone with several stripes of white, red, yellow and green.
The idea of Tron has caught up with the technology. The plot is fairly straight forward and while some of the scenes harken back to the original right down to Sark’s Command Ship or even to other movies (ahem, Star Wars among others, my mom asked me where Luke was).
It’s what Phantom Menace, Attack of the Clones or Revenge of the Sith should have been if you ejected the political plot lines and the racist aliens.

The Thing Prequel…

While Fox and Ridley Scott are hashing out budgets and ratings for the Alien prequel, the next eye rolling prequel on the horizon is The Thing.

Flame on!
Winstead + Flamethrower = Dead Alien!

I say eye rolling since Hollywood just rehashes until there is no blood left in the stone.
But, judging from the Collider post about their set visit and the pictures, I’m willing to give them a shot at this.
John Carpenter’s The Thing is a must if you have not seen it since it came out the same time as E.T. And, while did not gross big bucks it grew a cult following. The movie has been aped ever since, The X-Files episode being the most notable while AVP managed to actually make the bleak location seem dull and boring.
If you’ve never see The Thing and enjoy horror then I highly recommend watching it. This prequel will be the third movie made on the subject, the first being The Thing from Another World which is also worth watching too.
The prequel can actually cover one thing the original did not do and at the time did not need to do: What’s inside the ship!
And, in case no one has actually looked on Youtube for one of the trailers, here it is, the great thing about this is how next to nothing you see of the creature.

An Epic Review of Scott Pilgrim…minor in its epic spoilers.

Yeah well, my baggage doesn’t try and kill me every five minutes.
Based upon the graphic novels by Bryan Lee O’Malley Scott Pilgrim chronicles the Toronto existence of Scott Pilgrim, a 20 something guitar playing slacker that hooks up with a seventeen year old high school student named Knives Chau. Everything is going well until he meets Ramona Flowers and in time he dumps Knives and begins to date Ramona only to find out he must defeat her seven Evil Exes. Steeped in video game, music and action/comedy this saga stretched out across six trade paperbacks and judging from the advertising blitz behind it’s presence at SDCC this year it was the Belle of the Ball.

Star Trek II and Star Trek III Special Edition Soundtracks…

The tremor in the oceans of Geekdom was background music from Back to the Future, Star Trek II and Star Trek III have been re-released in Special Edition Soundtracks similar to the Aliens: SE Soundtrack of a few years back.
Yes, more BGM CDs to outnumber my other CDs.
BTTF, Trek II and III are a welcome addition since most of the music found (especially in BTTF case) had never really found it’s way to CD before and the bit torrent copies of the albums were remastered from the movies by taking the dialogue out aren’t even worth your time.
The linear notes in all of the soundtracks really put the booklet in the Michael Giacchino’s Star Trek: Deluxe Edition to shame since the reboot soundtrack while interesting to listen to is a different beast than II and III. It doesn’t even get linear notes.
Giacchinio continues the trend he started with LOST of giving each track a play on words. The tracks themselves are extremely short in some cases, most don’t even peak at five minutes and the entire album is really unremarkable.
To give you an idea, and if you can actually find a copy of it, the Predator Soundtrack is the same way except the music like the film to rememberable.
This is by no fault of Giacchino, I feel, after listening to Season 1 of LOST many of those tracks are rememberable. I think the movie on whole didn’t make a lasting impact and neither will the music. Unlike, say, ST III where everyone loves Stealing the Enterprise.
Overall, BTTF, ST II and III are worth getting and if you haven’t gotten Aliens: SE, it’s worth buying. Giacchino’s Trek SE which was limited to 5000 isn’t worth it, IMHO.
On a side-note, it’ll be interesting to see if the original soundtrack to Predator (limited to 3000 copies(?)) ever gets a bigger release with all of these movie soundtracks getting released, it’s gotta happen sooner or later.
The downside to BTTF, ST II and ST III is there’s currently no way to download them via MP3 and the price of $20+ is a little steep. The upside is the wait for the CDs to arrive is well worth it.