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Thursdays Totals…

Orbit Books Blog has a nice post about NaNoWrimo and how 50k is only just the beginning of book if you decide to write a manuscript in the Fantasy Genre.
Today’s Count is:

Tonite’s Write In as expected was just me mostly due to Thursday being a bad night for lot o people. I will say one thing, the Panera in Smithfield ever since they redesigned the tables so there’s one row of tables with built in electrical outlets for every bar stool makes a good Write In Place since most people eating dinner like tables and not the bar stools.
On a side note, I had completely forgotten there was a B+N in the same area as Panera.
Tomorrow Night was supposed to be Malachi’s but I forsee myself taking a Write In Break and staying home to catch up on laundry.
Saturday’s is Warwick Public Library 130-4pm in Room 100.
Sunday is New England Webcomic Weekend.
Hope everyone is doing well and having fun!

Wednesday's Numbers…

Wednesday’s Numbers looks like:

South County Write In at Brewed Awakenings went extremely well. Big Tables. Nice Chairs. Lotsa outlets. And, a good turn out.
Smithfield Write-In tomorrow at Panera and maybe Malachi’s on Friday.
And, to end the night, Dead Space 2 trailer. Trailer shows why you play Dead Space 1 in a dark room.

Another election day, another write in…

This will make the third election day I had a write in since I started NaNoWrimo in 2004.
So far the count is:

The Write In at Borders in Providence Place was a little rocky than normal.
The amount of people were higher than before and the amount of free tables were available they just weren’t available together.
The amount of people sitting and just watching movies on their laptops boggles my mind.
But everyone seemed to have a good time so maybe it’s worth trying again next week.

100k and going…

Not done. At least not yet.
But, 100k was been reached and well before NaNoWrimo and bed time.
With November nearly upon us that means posts that will probably be consisted of Word Counts like this:

Kick Off Party went well at Blake’s Tavern, I think. The chicken parm wrap that reminded me of the Athena at Reflection’s Cafe. I’ll get separate bills next time and probably no appetizers since lunch was so big. Lunch time seemed to be a perfect time since we had the entire back room to ourselves.
Managed to pick up a AC Adaptor for my iPad, it’s longer than the one that came with it and should work out well for when the outlets are out of reach.
Once December rolls around, we shall return to our normal scheduled blog posts…

NaNoWrimo is upon us! And, so are tickets for SDCC…

It feels odd.
There is now WOW expansion pack coming out this year. I know I mentioned it before but they were coming out every single November it felt like they were doing it on purpose.
So with two days ago I’m at:

with the WIP from last year. Downloaded Office 2011 for Mac and so far it’s been working out fine for me. I may try my hand at Scrivener just to keep characters and locations straight.
Tomorrow is Rhode Island’s NaNoWrimo Kick Off Party at the Blake’s Tavern in Providence. Decided to take  Halloween off to get in some extra writing time in.  Top it off with some Walking Dead and it should be a good end to the month.
Times and locations for the Rhode Island Write Ins are can be found on our Facebook Page.
As for plot for this year’s sequel: I have a vague outline written down and plot points I want to hit which is much better than last year.
In other non-related NaNoWrimo News:
Just a friendly reminder for those who did not run attend Nerd Prom this year, tickets for SDCC go on sale on Monday.  Preview Night is completely sold out until SDCC put some tickets up like they always do. Part of me is glad I reserved my same place from last year so no hotel scramble for me next year. Price is $105 this year. So long as you can take the lines, the nerds, the plane fare and the hotels, it’s well worth it.
New England Web Comic Weekend arrives on November 6th-7th.  Probably the smallest con I’ve been to since a NH Con we went to back in the days of Totems but it’s a fun con since it’s mostly web comic guys. It’s great to see a the webcomics that started out as a fad and are now just as big as the bigs getting their own con and in area nearby that involves no hotel or airfare!  Eastworks Building is a fun building to walk around. They’ve posted a list of restaurants.
Congrats to my bro proposing to his girl friend Kellie on top of a rock wall at Rock Spot Climbing in Lincoln last week.
Lastly, Sherlock has arrived on Masterpiece Mysteries on PBS.

NaNoWrimo Website has been updated…

Each year it seems to get smother and smother.
NaNoWrimo‘s website has been updated with new icons, message boards have been wiped and you now have 30 days to get some semblance of an idea going before Nov. 1st.
For those who don’t know, NaNoWrimo has a simple mission: Write a 50k “novel” in a month.
The reason I use quotes in because a novel is normally 100k words or so.
This is great time of year to do it since there is the time sucking black hole of a date called Thanksgiving at the end of the month.
With my powerbook still out of commission I’m going to be using my iPad. The keyboard dock is perfect.
My word war buddy decided to do 150k last year. I have no way that much time on my hands so I’m going to try for 100k.
Ignoring the fact I’m at 40k of my draft from last year I’m just going to assume I’ll be finished with the first draft by Halloween.
All in all, NaNoWrimo is a fun 30 days and in the end that’s all that matters.

Saturday ramblin'…

This post may be boring so I’m putting it behind a cut.
Managed to get Dead Space, Saints Row 1+2 and Mass Effect 1 at Gamestop for under $60.
Swung by Symposium Books in Providence and used up my birthday present. Someone needs to tell them to put the Young Adult and the “Fiction” closer to the front door and not to put the price stickers in the middle of the covers of graphic novels.
Onward to the boring stuff…