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[Snowmageddon] Nemo and RI…

The pre-game show is just like all other pre-game shows: Blah blah blah.
So, weather storm Nemo has arrived in Rhode Island and none of the weather channel people are in the littlest state with the longest name.
This means Rhode Island won’t get it that bad. Or not since they’re throwing around 30″ locally.
Personally, I’d perch someone up at Providence Park and another in Kennedy Plaza.
I vaguely remember looking out the window at the Blizzard of ’78.
I decided to go outside and take some photos. With RI/MA/CT all suspending travel I figured I’d walk down the end of the street. The last time I did this was years ago at my old apartment when the power went out and I took some time lapse photos.
The local NBC affiliate has had reporters out and they all said the same thing: it’s like bits of sand biting you.
I whole heartily agree with that assessment. Since I had to walk backwards to get back to my house the wind was so bad.
Have had several brown outs, the power dropped once then came back up but otherwise, so far so good.
And I’ll make sure I wear a hat next time.

Welcome to Hoth, R.I.

Part of me cannot wait to get out of January.
Inverted Journey blogger and flyer Chris has had a harder time than most, imagine trying to get some instructional time during all this?
We’ve had snow roll through once a week since Christmas and several times up to 10″ or more.  Now, you may say: It’s New England dummy it’s supposed to snow! Sure, it is. But, I’m starting to set my watch by it.
I don’t know if I can’t stand the snow or just the way DOT has been plowing our street.  Either the pine bushes at the end of the drive are coming out this year or I’m putting up little markers to show the plow drivers where our driveway ends since I have two large buttresses of snow that extend out five feet from my driveway. If I was really bored I’d go buy some snow Storm Troopers and recreate Hoth in my front yard.
The Worcester Writers Meet Up was canceled due to it and now I’ve canceled the Rhody Writer’s Meet Up since a clipper system will be coming through and hitting us around 3pm. Better to err on the side of caution then drive home, it’s not the snow that’s bad, it’s the drivers. I saw an accident last Tuesday of someone tried to drive into the parking lot of a insurance company only to get t-boned because people have no clue how to drive.
If it snows at the end of February and somehow manages to screw up the Providence Writer’s Workshop so help me.

On the writing front, things are progressing well.

And, most of it doesn’t suck. Thankfully, this is not another page one start from scratch and hope it sticks to the wall.