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[ News ] Ten years…

For those who have read this before, you can skip it. I’m putting the updates above the cut.
Ten years later and it’s a Sunday.
I’ve moved twice. Went back to school. Graduated with a Associates in Multimedia, Web Design from NEIT and still hound the white whale that is my novel in progress.
My brother has moved three times, changed jobs until he found one he liked and is now engaged to get married in January.
Parents are doing fine, my dad is into year two of recovering from surgery to his leg.
Friends have married and begun their litter of ragamuffins.
And, unfortunately, my creative partner of 14 years is no longer with us. I don’t like to say dead even though my mother, the nurse of 30+ years calls a spade a spade. Dead sounds too permanent, if a Brit, a puppet and a emo Jedi can come back as blue haze then so can we. I’d include that quote from The Last Starfighter but there’s enough geek in the paragraph already.
All I know is, tomorrow, I’ll be doing the same thing I was doing ten years ago…

[Ramblin'] Irene, Draft and Columbiana updates…

This won’t be much of an update since Irene’s western edge kicked the crap out of the lower East Coast and Vermont while her eastern edge basically passed by Rhode Island.
Saturday we managed to have our Rhody Writers Meet Up at Books on the Square. Since the library was booked, one our newer members found us a lovely place to meet at and I have to say even with the then Cat 2 Hurricane slowly churning up the coast we had 8 people, 6 regulars and 2 new people, 1 even had signed up the night before.
I always enjoy these meet ups because I have no idea what people are going to post. We have the Steampunk / Fantasy , Horror, Sci-Fi, General Fiction and others. So far I have not found any of the pieces in six months boring and many of them come back once they’ve been edited and read better than before. And, if that’s the case, then the group is working.

1/1/11 and beyond…

So 2011 begins.
2010 ended with friends playing Wii Bowling and watching the ball drop on NBC with Carson Daily. I have to say Bright Night, you are no First Night. Traffic in downtown Providence was absurdly quiet.
Swapped out Halo Reach and Dead Rising 2 for COD: Black Ops. So far, the Multiplayer is enjoyable, better than World at War was.
My Plans for 2011 go so far like this:
1. Get a new portfolio together.
2. Synopsis manuscript and then finish manuscript.
3. Rinse wash and repeat for it’s sequel and sequel after that.
3a. Query agents.
3c. Make money. (Hey, if it worked for the underwear gnomes it can work for me.)
4. Work on project with Paul C.
5. Get Rhody Writing Group off the ground.
6. Continue to go to the Gym.
7. Go to San Diego Comic Con 2011.
8. Play more Xbox.

9 Years later…

So, 9 years later, it’s a Saturday. I’m off. Same job. Moved twice. Graduated with an Associates in Graphic Design from NEIT.
70k away from finally finishing one of the WIP.
And, life continues…

July 4th Day Ramblin'…

Hope everyone has a pleasant 4th of July.
I’d like to thank Rhode Island for legalize fireworks. (/sarcasm)
RKB Studios has gotten a facelift while RKB Studios Blog has been moved. I will not be cross posting between this blog and the RKB S Blog. As for what the RKB S Blog will be used for, I dunno.
My old blog at is gone, that domain and the domain with our Lili Deacon Web Comic is moving to a new host, Site 5 who I cannot recommend enough if you’re looking for hosting.

Becky Chace and her band, July 11!

(completely copied from the Projo Arts Blog Post)

Rhode Island singer/songwriter Becky Chace (and fellow classmate circa ’93 – rkb) and her band will open blues legend B.B. King’s show Sunday, July 11, at the Newport Yachting Center in Newport, R.I., organizers from the International Tennis Hall of Fame announced Wednesday.
The show is a benefit for Newport’s International Tennis Hall of Fame and Museum. Chace will go on at 7 p.m., King at 8.
“I am honored by this incredible experience to share the stage with B.B. King. With someone like Mr. King and his talented band, you know you’re going to get an education,” Chace said in a press statement.
Tickets are available now or by calling 401-846-1600.

A Graves Party…

Went to a Graves party last night.
Yes, we had fun from gold card coffee jokes to manure pitch fork to of course let’s see how high we can get the flames before she can’t take much more Capt’n!