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[Plotting About] End of January…

So with the end of January upon is, felt it was time for an update.
Rhody Writer’s Group continues to roll along to a good degree. Happy to hear some the attendees have gotten past the writers block and are actually writing.
One year ago we should have had our first meeting, I’d blame the snow but it never materialized. And, after much workshopping from both the Rhody Writing Group and once through the wringer with the Worcester Writing Group the current count on the WIP is:
The WIP DEATH BAR count is:

I’m going to give myself until the end of February to finish it.
One of the Rhody Writing Group’s own is going to be epublishing one of her books through Smashwords. I’ll probably be following her once I finish the novel. I think I’ll use Extended Imagery for the cover.
Lastly, TempleCon is next weekend. Looks like a fun con and it’s local which boggles my mind it’s been going for 5 years and I didn’t know about it.

[Plotting About] Back to my roots*…

*Uttered by one of the RI Wrimos after delving back into her Harry Potter fanfic on our last Write In of 2011.
At our TGIO Party we passed around pages of our NaNo Novels and one of the members of the Rhody Writing Group suggested that Chapter Six was better before I changed it.
The change was not so subtle instead of crashing on an alien world, our hero is snatched away from certain death by pirates, dumped in the brig and later their ship comes under attack, bordered by suicide bombers, subsequently blow up and tumbles out the sky with our hero watching in horror. The idea is still sound but its too much for the book even if it expands the universe.
I looked back on the original Chapter Six, found it, edited it back in and looked for Chapters Seven and Eight which I wrote this summer but removed once Chapter Six took a new route.

[Plotting About] NaNoWrimo 2011 in Rhode Island

TGIO Party 2010
A plucky group of writers that came to our TGIO Party.

Just a quick heads up for those in the New England Area, NaNoWrimo is 7 weeks away.
A communication check is in order for those who haven’t updated their bookmarks:
RI’s NaNoWrimo LJ Community
RI’s Wrimo’s FB Page (the old one is getting archived)
RI’s Wrimo Twitter Feed
RI’s NaNoWrimo Message Board (will get wiped in October)
Myself and Andy will be Co-ML again this year and will be getting together shortly to go over places for meet ups. Judging from the success of many of the places later year I don’t see a drastic change except for taking Borders off the list.
And, if anyone is looking for software to try out during NaNoWrimo Scrivner is free for the first month. And, if you make it to 50k and validate by the end of November the software will discounted.
PC/Linux Beta Version.
Mac Version.

[Plotting About] Deathbar's Great Escape…

My job is not to find out what the public wants and give it to them; my job is to make the public want what I want.
French Director Robert Bresson
I was reading through Nicholas Meyer Star Trek Memoir entitled The View from the Bridge and found this quote quite interesting because one of Rhody Writers brought up a question in our last meet up about how it feels to sit down, write and then for lack of a better word throwing our babies out to a rabid pack of wolves.

[Plotting About] Twilight meets Fight Club…

I need to start recording our meet ups just for one liners like the subject of this post.
The core group of writers that have been going to the Rhody Writers Group Meetings has been coming along quite well.
A few months back I was worried about authors posting stuff but this month’s meeting went well. I have to remember to not schedule it opposite the Air Show next time.
The good news is that the current work in progress got some good reviews like: A big improvement from the previous version.
This is why writer’s groups and re-writes am yer fiend. 🙂

[Plotting About] Son of Death Bar…

Let’s see:
Chapter 1 and 2 I think are locked. I added a small scene at the end of Chapter 2 to introduce the hissable baddie empire.
Chapter 3 entitled Fallout was moved to Chapter 4 while the original chapter that started all this with Spencer was moved to Chapter 3.
So, onward to Chapter 5.
Odd chapters for the Reynolds.
Even chapters for Spencer.
Mix them all together for a big ole shindig in the end that will leave the few chapters open for a sequel. (One can hope.)
So temp chapter titles: 1: Finders Keepers. 2 Housekeeping 3. An explosive awakening 4. Fallout 5. Stuk’s Hollow.

[Plotting About] Oh, the joys of Scrivener…

I’m late to the party with Scrivener. I know I haven’t even scratched the surface of what it can do. One of the lovely features in Scrivener is character photos.
After last years NaNoWrimo I bought a license and have been adding pictures. The one slight down side I’ve found so far is Microsoft Word Tracking Changes and Scrivener do not seem to like each other. Probably a M$ glitch.
The nice thing is the 3×5 card app for my iPad can upload to Dropbox and import to Scrivener. Now, Scrivener just needs to make the jump to iOS and I can stop using iA Writer.
So, if the question is ever asked: If they ever made a movie or TV Show who would you cast as this character, here are the answers.
Spencer on the top row, the second row is the salvage team/family aka the “Reynolds” from the first two chapters.
The others have been introduced in one form or another in the older drafts and will make their way into the current one soon. Third row not so much, yet.
The details for each of the character sheets is pretty good and easily adjustable.

Overall, the app is work looking into. Comes in Mac and PC flavors.

[Plotting About] POV and you…

I had mentioned previously that I had POV problems in my first two chapters so I went back and thanks to the feedback from the SFF Online Writing Workshop I think I’ve ironed out the problems.
Chapter 4 hasn’t been touched since I wanted to get those POV problems fixed first. So the Reynolds for the first three chapters are done. Dunno if I’ll begin Chapter 4 with Spencer or not.
Current Bar looks like this:

By the way if anyone is looking to use this bar it can be found over here.