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Body of Proof filming in downtown Providence tomorrow…

Taken from one of the many blog posts at Projo.com:

By Bryan Rourke
Journal Staff Writer
PROVIDENCE, R.I. — Cameras are coming; so, too, are lights and trucks and all the trappings of filming for a new TV series: “Body of Proof.”
The ABC series will be shooting in downtown Providence on Tuesday. The crew will be filming scenes on Empire Street, Washington Street and Fountain Street. And support trucks for the shoots will be on Greene Street.
The roads will be open to local traffic, but many parking spaces will not.
“Body of Proof,” which is being shot entirely in Rhode Island, features criminal investigations aided medical investigations. The show stars Dana Delany, who plays a medical examiner, and Jerri Ryan, who plays her boss.
No date has been set for the show’s debut, which was originally scheduled for this fall and is now expected to air early next year.