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Possible new television pilot filming in RI…

According to Projo.

A TV pilot is to begin production in Rhode Island in March, Steven Feinberg, executive director of the R.I. Film & TV Office announced Wednesday.
“Body of Evidence” is about a medical examiner named Megan Hunt who uses her expertise to help solve crimes, which sometimes puts her at odds with people who would rather she didn’t solve crimes. The show is written by Christopher Murphey, who also serves as co-executive producer with Matt Gross, who created the idea for the show.
The actors and actresses for the show have not been announced, nor have the specific sites where the pilot will be shot.
“ABC Studios has chosen our beautiful state once again to film on of their new television pilots,” Feinberg said in a news release. “As a result, more jobs will be immediately available to our local crew and talent pool.”