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Rhody Writing Group's Fifth Anniversary

2010 NaNoWrimo TGIO Party happy to be done with the writing!

Rhody Writing Group’s Fifth Anniversary

Writing in a vacuum can be very boring. For most you either need to sit at a desk or library or if you’re like me you have a 3 days worth of movie soundtracks to listen to get you into the mood. The downside to writing in a vacuum is no feedback or moral support feels like you’re building a sand castle at the beach and no one is there to admire it.
I started writing by adapting the Transformers pilot episode onto my dad’s TSR-80 laptop and continued through Junior High and High School writing at the time what was fan fiction Robotech novels.
During college, I met up with Paul Chabot and in a year or two we’re semi-yearly self publishing a black and white comic book called Totems.
In 2004, I found NaNoWrimo and got back into the universe I create in College and updated it so the Robotech trappings were gone.
Rhode Island is small state so traveling to write ins and finding coffee houses that can hold a burgeoning amount of people who’re just going to sit there and tap away on their laptops sounds easier than it should be but it’s not when your favorite place on Fox Point up and closes and you now have to seek another watering hole.
In December of 2010, sitting at the TGIO (Thank God It’s Over) party for NaNoWrimo over at Brewed Awakenings in Johnston,  there were great deal of people sitting around and I asked them if I started a writing group would they be interested in joining and they said yes.
Thankfully, Warwick Public Library had rooms available to reserve and in February (after a mis-step in January with snow in the forecast that never appeared) our motley group got together and reviewed several pieces including the first chapter of Weaver which has since been filed under: Nothing happens in fifteen pages it’s being revised.
It has been a fun five years. I’ve attempted to switch gears from hobby writing to writing professionally and even finished the first draft of Weaver to find I put too much into it.
It’s been a delight to see  other authors hone their craft until they have a voice and knowing when you read their piece it’s going to be interesting.
If you’re writing and haven’t found a writing group I suggest checking Meetup. You’d be surprised to see how many writing groups there are.
A writing group is great resource to have because:

  1. No one at the table is a blood relation to you.
  2. You’ll get free feedback on your work from people who may not even be writing in your genre.

We’ve had people come and go, the core group had clicked and even started meeting once a month to write in Newport.
We’ve even had a few people self publish a book or two, like Matt Keefer, Janet Parkinson and more.
So, when Bennett North sold her first short story to Fantasy and Science Fiction it was happy day since she had submitted to the group.
It was even a more happier day when it appeared in the January/February 2016 Edition of the magazine.
And here are some of those reviews from Tangent and SFRevu of the issue.

[Plotting About] One year ago…

One year ago Rhody Writing Group had it’s first meet up and we’re continuing to chug along quite happily I think.
I’m glad to see repeat people along with new faces and half of them know Doctor Who so they can’t all be bad.
The WIP DEATH BAR count is:

Well, curb stomping the K was for the better. The overall genre of the story has been science fiction and as much as I would love to label it: Game of Thrones in Space I don’t see a need to bloat the story just because. The 7k would have expanded the universe but for right now, it’s not needed.
I’m happy to see I’m 40k ahead of where I was last year, the writing group(s) that have given me feedback has made it better than it was.

[Plotting About] Twilight meets Fight Club…

I need to start recording our meet ups just for one liners like the subject of this post.
The core group of writers that have been going to the Rhody Writers Group Meetings has been coming along quite well.
A few months back I was worried about authors posting stuff but this month’s meeting went well. I have to remember to not schedule it opposite the Air Show next time.
The good news is that the current work in progress got some good reviews like: A big improvement from the previous version.
This is why writer’s groups and re-writes am yer fiend. 🙂

[Plotting About] Welcome to Smarch…

So with one writing group meet up down and now the Providence Writers Workshop behind us, chapter one and two of the wip in progress is getting sharpened page by page.
The good news is after some good feedback from the writing group I backed up a chapter to explain things before jumping into the deep end unfortunately I did too much in the form of an info dump/interrogation scene between the main character and a cop and while it did explain everything it explained too much. So, out went three chapters and chapter one was re-written and the universe is explained in small pieces.
The Providence Writers Workshop that I went to last week at Hotel Providence was not as indepth as it made itself out to be but the amount of writers that showed up that were working on works in progress in almost every single genre out there made up for the fact that our teacher, Joanna Howard was not a stickler for following a pre-planned agenda. To give you an idea of the genres: 2 sci-fi, 1 YA/suspense/mystery, 1 children’s book, 2 genre fiction (1 moonlighting as a screenwriter), 1 urban fantasy and 1 supernatural romance. So, over all we had everything covered.
One of the more interesting things was reading the first chapter of a few different genre books and one of them being Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep. I’ve only seen the movies so reading the first chapter was off putting only because Philip K Dick style hasn’t been part of my book shelf. Although China Mieville is getting added shortly and probably pick up Orson Scott Card’s How to Write Science Fiction & Fantasy.
Lunch both days (included in the fee for the workshop) at Aspire were nice and I’d recommend the restaurant if you’re in the area. And, the valet service (also included in the fee) was quick and easy.
If the workshop happens in the summer I’ll probably attend again and maybe stay overnight at the Hotel, the location and warm weather being two plusses to shell out the money for a room.
Overall, it was busy last week of February, happy things have calmed down and the wip is still chugging along…

[Plotting About] Am I the only one who liked her as a sociopath?

Back in December at the NaNoWrimo TGIO Party I threw out the idea of creating a writing group in the area and the general consensus was yes.
Unfortunately, January was: OMFGBBQ Snow! Month and we had to cancel our first meeting.
So, flash forward to Saturday and the first meet up of the group went off without a hitch. Most of us were Wrimos and there were new faces as well.
Overall, it was a good three hours for a first meeting. We managed to get works from January and Feb reviewed before time ran out and people came prepared with print outs.
The Library Room worked out well the only downside was the Library Cafe was closed.
And, the brownies I made were well received so I’ll make them next time.
On the writing front: The critiques on the work in progress pointed out some plot stuff and am integrating them now.
An updated few chapters should be ready by Providence Writing Workshop.