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[SDCC] Oh, the Nerd Prom carnage…oh the humanity!

I’ve been in the depths of Scrivener tweaking character bio sheets and adding faces to names.  I’m happy to say the application is fun to use.  Picked up lunch, came back and found #sdcc is trending on Twitter.
Decided to swing by the website site and lo and behold:

Last years post about the Nerd Prom Carnage just for Hotel Rooms can be found here.
Guessing from the twitter feed from SDCC, the website is still up and tickets are being sold properly.
It’s unfortunate this process has gotten this bad. Hopefully those who didn’t get tickets but had their hotels booked did not have airline tickets purchased.
In the end, it just means that the 2012 ticket section is going on the list of things to do first once they set it up…

So begins the planning for SDCC '11. . .

Well, for those just joining us, here’s how things stand for those who did not manage to get any tickets for SDCC 2011:
SDCC is currently not selling tickets due to the server strain that couldn’t withstand two attempts by Nerd Prom attendees. So, after losing their attempt to free the tickets from the clutches of the Evil Empire, the Nerds have now positioned their rag tag fleet around the small moon of Endor.
Judging from this page, they’re decided to spread out the tickets between 2 vendors and try a test run on Wednesday. The #sdcc tag on Twitter is going to be a lovely place to watch the fireworks just as it was for the great Hotel Fubar of 2010.
On the personal front: my time off from work has been approved and where I’m staying is already booked. So, it just comes down to airline tickets and right now Southwest has the cheapest fares.
I guess it goes without saying the line for the ticket booth for 2012 is going to rival that of Hall H…

SDCC Day Five…

Yes, getting your fuzzy butt back home after SDCC counts as a Con Day.
Managed to get into San Diego Airport sometime after 6am. The TSA Line was shorter than TG Green. The highlight of standing in line was I was wearing a Can’t Stop the Serenity 5th Annual T-Shirt when one of the TSA’s recognized Serenity.
Flying from one airport to another you notice a few things: Like Borders and there’s not a Dunkin Donuts in sight. Although, I did like the Free Wi-Fi at San Diego.
The full flight from San Diego to Baltimore was non-eventful. No one praying the rosary all the way. Although the Contractors behind me talking about Darpa on the way back was interesting.
Baltimore’s Airport is rather interesting in the fact once you get to Concourse A you need to get to B or vice versa. This is by no means anywhere near as creative as changing Concourses in Chicago.
Baltimore to Manchester was going swimmingly until the passengers started connecting the dots and wonder how we were getting from Manchester to Providence when one of the Flight Attendants corrected herself.
To which I tried to explain to my seat mate we’re actually landing in Warwick. The same seat mate that was reading a life insurance book cover to cover.
At least we didn’t land at Quonset that would have been fun for a larf.
BTW, anyone thinking of going next year: July 20th-24th…

So with San Diego Comic Con now only two weeks away. . .

I thought it would be good to post some links regarding people’s advice about handling SDCC.
SDCC was in previous years was somewhat manageable.
Nowadays it’s gotten ten times worse with tickets selling out, the reservation system was a trip through at least one to two levels of Hell and for some reason a group of Doctors decided to hold their convention at the same time. And, let’s not forget the constant: “We should move the Con outta San Diego!” Vulture.

My only pieces of advice may sound vaguely familiar because, well, all the SDCC Survivors have been doing this for long enough everyone has this down to a science.