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An Epic Review of Scott Pilgrim…minor in its epic spoilers.

Yeah well, my baggage doesn’t try and kill me every five minutes.
Based upon the graphic novels by Bryan Lee O’Malley Scott Pilgrim chronicles the Toronto existence of Scott Pilgrim, a 20 something guitar playing slacker that hooks up with a seventeen year old high school student named Knives Chau. Everything is going well until he meets Ramona Flowers and in time he dumps Knives and begins to date Ramona only to find out he must defeat her seven Evil Exes. Steeped in video game, music and action/comedy this saga stretched out across six trade paperbacks and judging from the advertising blitz behind it’s presence at SDCC this year it was the Belle of the Ball.

Scott Pilgrim UK Trailer…

Yeh. Another one.
And, yes, I enjoy watching/posting trailers.
Except, I like this one more than the other 2 US Trailers. I’ve always found it fun to see how different companies handle trailers. Many times the US Trailers are ok while the UK Trailers are better.