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Top Ten Faux Age of Ultron Spoilers


Top Ten Faux Age of Ultron Spoilers:

  1. Who knew Thor’s Hammer had it’s own Lill’ Hammer Family waiting for it at home.
  2. Ultron Kickstarting his new body was a great idea.
  3. All three Hulks showing up was a bit overkill.
  4. Pepper and Natasha pulling a Thelma and Louise off that cliff brought down the house!
  5. Hawkeye’s This Old House better be on the DVDs.
  6. The Wedding between Captain America and Natasha put Spider-Man’s to shame.
  7. Hydra should really have rented on Air B’n’B.
  8. Jane Foster stuffing Ultron into that unending Portal Hole was cute.
  9. Agent Carter kicking Ultron in the nards was perfect.
  10. Agents of Shield babysitting Hawkeye’s kids scene didn’t feel right.