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[VIDEO] Star Trek: Strange New Worlds First Episode

For those who don’t have Paramount Plus, the first episode of Star Trek: Strange New Worlds is available on YouTube for free and is embedded below.

While Captain Pike, Spock and Number One along with the Enterprise were introduced in the second season of Discovery, you don’t need to have watched those episode to enjoy this episode. Would it help? Sure. Second season of Discovery is when they started rightening the ship so to speak. And there’s an episode or two in there that covers Pike’s accident that was mentioned in the original series episode, The Cage.

The first two episodes I’ve seen has got the Star Trek: TOS-vibe down (minus the sexism from the 1960’s Television Standards & Practices) and is family friendly so if you were turned off by Discovery, you’ll find the tone of SNW to your liking.

[Movie Review] A non-spoilery/non-review of Star Trek Into Darkness

I’ve decided not to ruin Star Trek Into Darkness for you.
Instead I will point towards I09’s review with which I totally agree with.
I want you to experience this million dollar, bloated, 3rd act jumping the shark, non-3-d, glorious looking IMAX movie for yourself.
Go forth and see what we waited years for.
Then go watch Iron Man 3 and enjoy a well written character piece which is what Into Darkness should have been.
Instead we get scenes verbatim out of Wrath of Khan. Verbatim!
I have no idea why John Harrison needed a backstory.
I have no idea why John Harrison just didn’t steal Vengeance at the beginning of the movie and turn this into a true hunt for the White Whale.
Why isn’t John Harrison a truer threat to Starfleet?
I have no idea why Vengeance is twice the size as Enterprise and needs less crew members.
I have no idea why Vengeance and Enterprise in their weakened condition did not go mano a mano ala Khan because well, we’ve decided to recast a great scene from Khan and have less emotional impact.
And I have no idea why Chekov never saw John Harrison. Yes, I get the Khan injoke between Khan recognizing Chekov.
I would love to know how this screenplay turned into fan fiction because that’s what this movie is
I stand by my thoughts from Wednesday night: The sauce was tasty but the goose was overcooked.

Star Trek II and Star Trek III Special Edition Soundtracks…

The tremor in the oceans of Geekdom was background music from Back to the Future, Star Trek II and Star Trek III have been re-released in Special Edition Soundtracks similar to the Aliens: SE Soundtrack of a few years back.
Yes, more BGM CDs to outnumber my other CDs.
BTTF, Trek II and III are a welcome addition since most of the music found (especially in BTTF case) had never really found it’s way to CD before and the bit torrent copies of the albums were remastered from the movies by taking the dialogue out aren’t even worth your time.
The linear notes in all of the soundtracks really put the booklet in the Michael Giacchino’s Star Trek: Deluxe Edition to shame since the reboot soundtrack while interesting to listen to is a different beast than II and III. It doesn’t even get linear notes.
Giacchinio continues the trend he started with LOST of giving each track a play on words. The tracks themselves are extremely short in some cases, most don’t even peak at five minutes and the entire album is really unremarkable.
To give you an idea, and if you can actually find a copy of it, the Predator Soundtrack is the same way except the music like the film to rememberable.
This is by no fault of Giacchino, I feel, after listening to Season 1 of LOST many of those tracks are rememberable. I think the movie on whole didn’t make a lasting impact and neither will the music. Unlike, say, ST III where everyone loves Stealing the Enterprise.
Overall, BTTF, ST II and III are worth getting and if you haven’t gotten Aliens: SE, it’s worth buying. Giacchino’s Trek SE which was limited to 5000 isn’t worth it, IMHO.
On a side-note, it’ll be interesting to see if the original soundtrack to Predator (limited to 3000 copies(?)) ever gets a bigger release with all of these movie soundtracks getting released, it’s gotta happen sooner or later.
The downside to BTTF, ST II and ST III is there’s currently no way to download them via MP3 and the price of $20+ is a little steep. The upside is the wait for the CDs to arrive is well worth it.