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[Doctor Who Review] Dinosaurs on a Spaceship

Dinosaurs was a fun episode but for the fun I think it squeezed too many people into 43 minutes.
It has been 10 months since the Ponds saw the Doctor and things seem to be on the mend in the household. Meanwhile the Doctor and Queen Nefertiti just saved her people from locusts and before long she and the Doctor are off so quickly you wonder if the Doctor is going to continue light hearts afire across time and space.
See there is a problem in the 24th Century, a giant ship is about to crash into Earth and the International Space Agency has summoned the Doctor for help and he in turn goes back in time to get a big game hunter, Riddell played by Rupert Graves and the Ponds in under two minutes and while the audience tries not suffer from whiplash the TARDIS arrives on the spaceship only to find Dinosaurs!
Cue the credits.

[Television Review] District 17

District 17 should have existed just to see how long it would have lasted before it was Fireflied. (Yes, I made it up.)
District 17 created by Ron Moore was a one hour procedural that asked the question: What happens if we have no science but instead used magic instead.
The answer is Law & Order meets Harry Potter or if you’ve seen the fan made videos: The Aurors.
The idea while an interesting one hits and misses.

[Doctor Who Mini Review] The Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe…

I enjoyed this Christmas Special better than last years and the year before and the year before. Ever since Christmas Invasion the tone of these specials has been old over the map from the stupid Racknoss to the loud and over blown Titanic Episode to the Scrooged-eseque episode from last year. The Christmas Ep with the fake Doctor wasn’t so shabby until Temple of Cyberman showed up with their giant steampunk Cyberman Robot.

[Doctor Who Review] The Wedding of River Song

The death of time…
Like last years season finale this was on a small scale and brought about some great situations that come from a science fiction show. I mentioned in the past, alt reality episodes have become the bread and butter of most programs, Fringe has embraced it all of last season and last night’s episode was a perfect example of how to do it right.

[Doctor Who Review] The Girl Who Waited

This is a kindness.”
Science Fiction Television shows always have that one episode, Star Trek had Yesterdays Enterprise, the Mirror Universe(s) episodes, Stargate(s) had them, that one episode where an alt.reality version of the main character meets the main cast and for the rest of the show you either hate it or enjoy it.
The Girl Who Waited was enjoyable because it comes back to the main thing with the Doctor’s Companions: What happens once he leaves them? Or, they leave him. And, so on. While School Reunion brought the Doctor and Sarah Jane together, this time Rory fails to save Amy in time.

[Doctor Who Review] Let's Kill Hitler!

Thank you, I think you just saved my life.”
Looks like Irene ate my post, so let’s try this again.
Episode 8 of the split season picks up with the Doctor and Co on the continued task to track down baby Melinda after she was abducted as a child at the end of Episode Seven and trained as we find out later to kill the doctor.
Unfortunately, instead of spreading this idea out over the entire rest of the season with the Doctor using several people as information gatherers, scouts and overall bad asses, Moffat decides to introduce Melody Pond as subtle fart in Church.
You must take the good with the bad, I suppose. Thankfully, this episode is nowhere near as bad as Torchwood’s run on Starz has been.