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Doctor Who: The Hungry Earth Review…

So the Sontarans came back in Season 4 with a two parter and now it’s time for Silurians to make a grand two part episode entrance.
After last week’s psychological episode, we get a good ole Aliens Invade episode and thankfully it’s not Cardiff. It’s in the country side! With an ole Church! And Graveyards! People eating graveyards! Yes, that’s a lot of exclamation points but it’s fun exclamation points!

Paintball and Community…

One of the funnier shows that premiered this season was Community on NBC.
Community is set in a Community College where a study hall group consisting of Joel Hale (Talk Soup), Chevy Chase and several others make for some funny show. Several guest stars have appeared over the weeks either students or teachers and of course Senior Chang, the Spanish Teacher played by The Hangover’s Ken Jeong.
Two weeks back there was an episode that was straight out of Goodfellas (running commentary and freeze frames) and last weeks with it’s Animal House style ending.
Tonight’s episode looks to be a blast: