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Tag: trailers

Friday's Numbers…

Swung by Brewed Awakenings on Atwood and found the re-modeling job they had done quite enjoyable. Turns out I went to the original one at Atwood and not Brewed Awakenings II further down on Atwood. Good news is the rest of the people going to the Write In went to the correct address as well so it all worked out.
I have to say it’s interesting to watch the traffic flow in and out of that place, 6-8pm it’s relatively dead then boom 830 to 9 it’s busy.
I think I’m going to float the idea of dropping Borders and going to Brewed on Atwood. Food, good seats, lotsa outlets, free parking and easily accessible from RTE 295/RTE 6.

Yep, past 50k, now comes the hard part: Editing! And, continuing towards 100k.
In other news: Trailers!
Doctor Who: Christmas Episode! On Christmas! On BBC America! Too many explanation points!

The 2nd Green Hornet Trailer. I have to say, after all the problems that hit this film, the trailer looks better than Green Lantern.