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[Plotting About] Where Weavers Daire: First draft is done.

First draft of Where Weavers Daire is done.
That brings the Where Weavers Daire K BAR count to:

Yep, that’s 27,685K over what I wanted.
But that’s what the editing chainsaw and writing group is there for.
I’m happy with the way it turned out even if it was three weeks late.
My original plans to get it edited and printed via Createspace by November in time for Rhode Island Comic Con have been put on hold.
The stigmata of poorly edited self published books is strong. It’s best to find and fix all the errors first then either send out query letters or self publish.
Bennett North has great post on Outlining your Novel since NaNoWrimo is a month and half away.
A post on Destiny will be forth coming…

[Plotting About] June 2014 / Week 2 / Where Weavers Daire / Chapter 20

I spent most of yesterday plotting out the next twenty chapters of Weaver. Half of those twenty are already written and just need to be adjusted accordingly.
We’ve entered the middle third of the book that was already written before I went back to fix the first third.
I’m feeling good about the middle third.
I dropped enough foreshadowing in the first third to cover the middle.
The final third is a little squishy and needs the most help.
That brings the Where Weavers Daire K BAR count to:

My deadline is July 4th.
Camp NaNoWrimo begins in July.
My hope is to get Weaver done and work on the spin-off that the writing group liked.
It would appear neither myself or Bennett North got into the Amtrak’s Residency. Glad to see I’m good company.
Association of Rhode Island Authors is having a Meet and Greet at Warwick Public Library on August 9th.

[Plotting About] May 2014 / Week 2 / #writing #Weaver / Chapter 10

I had one of those days at Empire Tea and Coffee where I just stared at my screen and nothing came out.
It happens to all of us. Writer’s Block. Your muse decides to up and leave you.
Happened during NaNoWrimo one year and I just hit page break and wrote something I knew.
A few nights later, the muse bonked me on the head and I threw up a 1st person POV Urban Fantasy take on the Weaver Verse set in Providence, RI.
It wasn’t the first attempt at this. I had been scurrying away ideas for a 3rd person omniscient urban fantasy / spy thriller for a while and came this close to posting a chapter on Wattpad.
But as Bennett North so eloquent put in a blog postYou cannot be a good writer without first being a terrible one. Followed up by making a good impression.
So, 8k later, the writing group said it was both fun and needed work (as all first drafts do).
I’ll be plotting it out better than Weaver.
I came back to Weaver and edited Chapters 2-9.
Shifted scenes around and in time came back to the end of Chapter Nine and feeling much better about it now.
That brings the Where Weavers Daire K BAR count is:

In other Weaver News: I kicking around the idea of a graphic novel adaption.
Going to Emerald City Comic Con got the idea rolling around that a graphic novel would be a good showcase of an artist/writer team since some of the bigs are looking for examples.
First must finish the novel then finish comic script.
Chapter Ten tomorrow…

[Plotting About] April 2014 / Week 3 / #writing #Weaver / Chapter 9

Don't kid yourself, each first draft is utter horseshite.
Ain’t dat da truth.

I’m happy to say Chapter 9 is finished.
Chapter 9 is where the narrative splits and sends Melinda in one direction and Spence in the other for a few chapters.
I split them up originally back at Chapter 1 but felt that was a bad idea and kept them together until Chapter 8.
The end of Chapter 9 had been longer originally and gone into Chapter 10 but I decided to go with less is more.
It shuffles everyone into position for what I’ve already written.
Chapter 10 becomes between the new Act One and the old Act Two. If all goes well, Chapter 11 (which is 5 pages over my 15pg cut off for chapters) will start Spence’s journey back to meet up with Melinda and company.
Hope to make some headway into Chapter 10 tomorrow.
That brings the  Where Weavers Daire K BAR count is:

On a television note: Orphan Black! New Season! Yay!

[Plotting About] April 2014 / Week 2 / Weaver / Chapter 8

The writing advice goes like this: Drop the manuscript in the drawer and come back to it in a month to see what needs to be changed.
Of course it would help if the manuscript was finished.
I came back from Emerald City Comic Con having not touched Weaver for a week except to read it on the plane and decided to listen to my gut and cut Chapters 9-13.
And change the last page of Chapter 8.
Why change it?
It was 4 chapters of building up already established characters with a slow built to revealing a villian that sorta worked even if Melinda was part of it all.
Chapter 8 is the “we’re all screwed time to run or run and fight” chapter and I essentially took the easy way out and let everyone escape unscathed.
Some of the scenes are savable. There’s a call to action scene for Melinda that’s a must.
That brings the  Where Weavers Daire K BAR count is:

In non-novel news: I have been enjoying the meetings of the Association of Rhode Island Authors. It’s more networking than writing group which makes it enjoyable since many of the people are published.
In freelance graphic designer news: RKB Studios is looking for clients.
If you think your website needs a facelift via WordPress then please let me know.

[Plotting About] March 2014 / Week 1 / Weaver / Chapter 8

Welcome to March.
My deadline of getting Weaver done before going to Emerald City Comic-Con is approaching and so is Camp NaNoWrimo.
The good news is Chapter 8 is the link chapter between my new act one and the chapters I’ve already written. And oddly enough Act One will end around page 100ish.
The word count thus far:
The Where Weavers Daire K BAR count is:

I’m feeling good about where things are going.
I’ve gotten a few questions about what I’m working on so this will act as an informal FAQ.
For the last few years I’ve been writing in the same universe for NaNoWrimo. A mix of magic, tech, multi-generational houses made up of Immortals and mortals all taking place in a semi-walled off parts of the universe.
Three years back, I decided to write an Avengers Assemble-type of story as a starting off point. Avengers Assemble is short hand for plot consisting of a gathering of heroes to go off and fight the baddie. It takes it’s name from Marvel Comics The Avengers tagline of “Avengers Assemble!”.
The elevator pitch would be it’s Game of Thrones crossed with Firefly/Star Wars (without the prequel suck) about generations of families of Mages, Warriors and humans trying to eek out an existence on a desert planet that isn’t exactly.
I’ve roughed out a trilogy that could spin into an ongoing saga of our plucky heroes journeying out into the universe that will sooner or later reach Earth and beyond.
Check out my 2012’s blog hop post for more details.
Lastly, in cosplay news: I’m going to be cosplaying as Jayne for Emerald City Comic Con. Pictures forthcoming.

[Plotting About] March's Metrics…

So with March gone, April 1st come and gone it’s to look at the ole metrics…
March started with Emerald City Comic Con and decided to change the gym routine so I’d get home by 7am.
Managed to read through Velvateen vs. The Junior Super Patriots, Hull Zero Three and rowing through Flood by Stephen Baxter.
This gives me enough time between breakfast and work to get some writing done.
The Where Weavers Daire K BAR count is:

Couple of links:
Camp NaNoWrimo began yesterday and yes I’m going to use it to finish the last 50k.
Joss Whedon’s top 10 Writing Tips.
Scrivener is one of the sponsors of Camp NaNoWrimo and let me say that if you looking to self publish your novel or Kickstart a project please get Scrivener or please learn about format your baby properly.
I bring this up because one of the Kickstarted novels I sponsored had a great cover and then you turn the page an the formatting in iBooks/Kindle was atrocious.
If you want to look professional then let’s looks professional. Google manuscript formatting. Create a M$ Word template. Or, get Scrivener. Learn Scrivener and press the compile button . . . and watch what happens when you check off the wrong button.
Lastly, time off from work for San Diego Comic-Con has been approved. So, posts showing assembling a Mal Reynolds or Doctor Who outfit will be forthcoming.